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Tuesday 26 January 2016

One of my latest obsessions are watches. I've used a watch ever since I can remember, but as of late, I've been slowly adding to my collection, selecting different colours, finishes and different dial sizes.

The latest piece to drop on my door is the Alexa Daisy Dixon piece in white leather strap. How minimalistic and chic is this! Perfect for adding a little everyday glam to your wrist.

When it comes to watches I feel bare without one. Because I've been wearing a watch for what seems like ever, I constantly look at my wrist and love to see the light bouncing of of the dial. Not only that, but when I look at my phone for the time, I always get distracted by either a message or a notification, so for me, it's a lot simpler to check my watch to tell the time... I mean that is what they are for!

The Daisy Dixon watches come in a beautifully packaged box which is so adorable. You all know how much of a sucker I am for good packaging. With collections varying from £40 to £80 there's a price range for everyone. I've got my eye on the Kate in Sleek Black which is currently out of stock! Story of my life!

Are you an avid watch wearer, or more of a 'I have a phone, I don't need a watch' kind of person?

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