Get That Fresh Feeling For Your Hair Without Washing It X Amika DryShampoo

Friday 22 January 2016

You guys know how much I LOVE using products that allow me not to wash my hair as much as I really should. This magical product has saved me many a times over the years. Yep. Dry shampoo, I'm talking about you. My saviour, my life, my everything. Literally. I use dry shampoo at least every other day. Not just for that in between wash feel, but because it helps adds volume and leaves my hair and myself feeling fresh.

How stunning is the packaging for these Amika products, very 70s. I love the way it makes such a contrast to my otherwise all white room, really adds some colour so I love having the cans on show!

I was sent the Perk Up Dry Shampoo, Silken Up Dry Conditioner and the Un.Done Texture Spray. As a devotee Dry Shampoo user, I feel like I have enough expertise to know a good Dry Shampoo when I see one. And boy was I excited when I started to use these products.

Firstly the smell. It's divine. I really love the floral scent, it just makes me feel a lot more refreshed. i feel like a good scented Dry Shampoo goes a long way. When it comes to application, its pretty simple, spray some Dry Shampoo on your roots, then pat/rub/brush it so that there's no white bits left. The Amika products were really easy to blend and didn't leave any residue (flaky bits).

Dry Conditioner; concept that I have never tried before so I definitely didn't know what to expect. If like me, your hair gets oily really quickly, and your ends get really tangled then the Dry Conditioner is the ideal product for you! It softens your hair and makes it so easy to brush your hair. This is something that I will certainly be adding in to my next shopping list!

You can purchase these and many more products from Sally Express Uk here.

How do you feel about Dry shampoo? Do you love the product as much as I do?

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