How To Get A Pizza My Heart

Monday 29 February 2016

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We all know that there's two ways to my heart. Fashion and food! Turn up with pizza and I'll be your best friend. No lie. I've always been a slim girl, and I've always loved pizza. People assume I don't eat much, but the reality is I eat more than most people so this top is everything I could want and more out of a slogan tee.

As of late, I've really embraced the more causal looks. As most of you all know I am through and through a girly girl. Pretty dresses, short skirts and high heels are my thing! When I was growing up, I don't know if I've told you guys but I was such a little diva. Apparently I used to pick my own clothes and there was no way in hell that I was going to wear trousers! I would literally throw a tantrum. 

But recently, I find myself gearing more and more towards jeans and comfortable shoes. Maybe it's just the winter months, maybe it's my style evolving, only time will tell. 

I'm currently obsessed with jeans that cut mid shin; ankle swingers of you must. But I find the cut extremely flattering. I have really long legs, and I feel like cutting the jeans a few inches above the ankle makes them look even longer. I reckon this cut would look great on shorter ladies too.

How do you feel about more casual trends? Do you dress casually for the winter months or all year round?

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Grecian Black Dress

Thursday 25 February 2016

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I feel like I've only just recovered from London Fashion Week. It blows my mind how people do all four cities! So you ladies and gents truly are an inspiration! 

This dress is absolutely stunning. I feel like a grecian princess. Just look at that draped open back. Ahh! You can never go wrong with an LBD (see here for more LBD posts). This dress will be perfect for any events I've got coming up as it's not too in your face, but still looks amazing!

What do you think of this dress?

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LFW Day Five

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Day five of London Fashion Week over and done! It's been an amazing experience, but I'm so glad to be back into my normal routine. Can't wait for next season!

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Today's look consisted of my favourite Porsche Design sunglasses and a cute relaxed look. This bomber from boohoo is the perfect statement piece as it's so effortless and chic. I teamed it with faux leather trousers and black booties.

Also I apologise for the bad quality of images, it's so hard finding someone to take your photo at Fashion Week when you go to shows alone.

Rejina Pyo

I instantly fell in love with the colours and the cuts at the Rejina Pyo presentation. I've got my eye on that red dress.

Tata Naka

 Possibly my favourite collection. I love the cuts and the embellished detailing on each piece. The monochrome with a splash of colour is something I will definitely attempt to rock for AW16.

So that's it from fashion week. I'll be resuming my normal blog posts in the next few days. But for now, I'm off to sleep for a while!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I've been up to on a regular basis. Don't forget to follow me on snapchat (teralatilan1) for more instant updates.

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LFW Day Four

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Day four was a pretty chilled day for me. I got to have a lie in which was fabulous, and I had a few bloggers things to do which was more relaxed and I didn't find myself having to rush around London waiting in the cold which made a nice change. I even bumped into Henry Holland on the tube which made for a nice surprise. I ended my evening with a meeting with a Pr company which was a great end to the day.

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I really wanted to wear a light colour today and I had this dress in my wardrobe from my graduation that I hadn't worn since so I thought fashion week was the perfect opportunity to wear it. I teamed it with my camel coat and black over the knee boots for an extremely chic look. I adore the two tones of the dress and the coat together. Although they are both a creamish colour, the contrast between the shade of them gives a really elegant look.

Lanten Sense

A show for the edgy fashionistas, Lanten Sense's piece are the definition of London fashion, always pushing the boundaries and still looking chic, edgy and mostly, stylish.

After the show I headed off to the Apartment for afternoon tea with Caravelle New York watches. You would remember them from here. I had a great time eating lots of yummy food and decorating my own little Parisian bakery treat. I must say I am pretty impressed. Thanks for Motel Seven and their help I made something that I was proud of.

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