A Quick Stop At Lush

Tuesday 28 July 2015

From left to right

Yesterday I popped into Lush Oxford Street to pick up a few things for a photo shoot I was doing with Ottoman Hands and also, you know, to treat myself. 

I ended up buying a little more than I planned to but I thought it would be a great opportunity to give a little mini Lush Haul for you all to see some of the products that I am loving at the moment.

Big Shampoo has got to be my go to product in Lush. I've been using this shampoo for forever now and I really notice the difference when I start using other brands. Big is great for anyone (like me) who's hair gets oily really quickly as it adds a lot of volume and dries out the oil cleans your hair thoroughly. I can't rave about it enough.

The other product that I really wanted to talk about was the block in the middle of my composition, is it a bath bomb, is it a soap, nope, its deodorant! Apparently Lush have been doing this product for ages and I've only just come across them. I was a bit sceptical and didn't really understand how it would work. However, after a full day of photo shoots I have to say that  IT WORKS! 

Ever since I started having laser hair removal on my underarms I have noticed that I persperate a lot more than I ever did before (the technician has assured me that this is only temporary). I have always been so cautious of bad smells that I'm always on the hunt for something that will keep me smelling fresh as seeing as my usual antiperspirant's weren't doing it for me I'm so glad I've found an alternative.

Who has used the solid deodorants before? Did you like the texture?

How To Make A Fresh Flower Crown

Saturday 25 July 2015

Above Photos, Photography by Tom Maya

This week I was kindly invited by Eventbrite to go join them and florist Rose and Wolf at their Early Risers Floral Crown Class. When I say early, I mean early. The class started at 8am (I'm usually wrestling with my hair at home at 8am) but I felt extremely excited and energised. It was a nice change to my morning routine. I felt like I achieved a lot as I made my crown, sneakily popped in to Topshop on Oxford Street and had the entire shop to myself at 9am AND I still managed to be early for work. Success.

I've always loved flower crowns, but there's something special about fresh flower ones. They're so elegant and surprisingly easier than I thought. All it takes is a few items and a little creativity.

In order to keep your crowns the freshest as can be simply keep them in deep water for about 24 hours before you go to arrange them. It helps if you choose flowers with strong woody stems such as roses and carnations. Generally these are more robust and will last longer out of water.
 Get Creative add foliage and bright colours, creating different textures really make your crowns stand out. Finally, Keep it cool, mist it with water and place in the fridge until you are going to wear it.

You will need:
Stem tape

1. Cut a length of wire long enough to go round your head with a few inches of excess at the back for securing later.

2. Take the stem tape and wrap tightly round the length of the aluminium wire to cover it completely from one end to the other.

3. Choose 5 or 6 blooms to start with and cut the stems off leaving about an inch.

4. Measure roughly where you want your flower crown to start by placing the wire around your head and taking note of where you want the line of flowers to begin from.

5. Using the stem tape, take your first flower and lay it flat along the wire. Secure the stem to the wire by tightly wrapping the stem tape around both the stem and wire.

6. Take your second flower and repeat the process, ensuring the flowers are all facing the same way, working from left to right.

7. Pack the flowers together as tightly as possible. This will ensure they stay fresh for longer. Continue the process, adding flowers until you are happy with your design.

8. To wear to flower crown fasten on tightly by wrapping the wire around your head and twisting to excess ends together at the back of your head. Cut any excess wire off.

There you go. It's as easy as that.

Have you ever tried making your own floral crowns? I'd love to see them, so make sure you tag me @teralatilan.

Cute Summer Dress

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Get my Look: 
Dress Boohoo | Shoes Clarks (*) | Bag Very Exclusive (*) | Jewellery Ottoman Hands (*)

This scenery made me feel like I was back in Cyprus, whenever we go in the summer, our garden is filled with sun burt grass (is that a thing). 

Lately my go to store has got to be Boohoo, I recently splurged on their website and can't stop wearing their pieces.

In the summer I love wearing cute little summer dresses and this denim look dress reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel like I'm five years old while I swing round in circles. 

I feel like this dress cuts in such a flattering shape and would suit any size.

What's your go to summer outfit?

Vivere una vita bella

Sunday 19 July 2015

Top Boohoo | Skirt Missguided (similar here) | Shoes Asos | Sunglasses Le Specs

Live a beautiful life.

I know my blog posts have been lacking lately, but I've been so busy with work and hardly find the time to sit at my laptop and just write. I've really missed blogging and that just proves to me that I am doing something that I love.

Henyways... I'm currently loving anything with straps. So when I saw an image of someone wearing this top on Instagram I knew I had to make it mine. It's a little low cut but I've teamed it with a black strapless bra and it looks fine.

I bought this skirt from Missguided way back in October but I love finding little old gems in my wardrobe that I can recycle and wear again,

Yes, those are another new pair of shoes, I know. If you're following me on Instagram you will have noticed that I have recently been splurging on a lot of new footwear. Don't judge me, I worked in a shoe store for six years, it's a hard habit to quit. I bought this pair in the Asos Sale.

I have also uploaded a few more of my favourite Asos sale heels down below.

What's your favourite trend about this season?

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