How To Wear A Metallic Skirt

Sunday 30 October 2016

If there's one thing I love experimenting with is different textures. I love mixing things that at first sight don't look like it would work, but when styled together has this amazing contrast that just works beautifully together.

Take this velvet style jumper with a pleated skirt. Both two completely different textures, but somehow, when placed together give this really chic relaxed look that I am always going for.

This pleat skirts are so popular at the moment, but if you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I like to take popular items and wear them in a way that no one else would. By adding a jumper, I have automatically made this a more wearable outfit. Something that you could wear from day to evening in a nice bar. For the day time I would definitely switch it up for a pair of trainers, something a lot more relaxed and comfortable.

What do you think of this look? How would you style this skirt?



How To Feel Like You're Blog Is Good Enough

Monday 24 October 2016

This look is something that I would typically be seen wearing to meetings and events in London. It's smart enough to look business, but casual enough to run around from location to location without having to look like a hot mess.

This top is EVERYTHING right now. It's frilly, it's red and it has flared sleeves! Love. 
My style has evolved slowly into something that I'm quite proud of. I've been able to stay true to myself, while embracing new trends and making them easily transferable to my style, and for all my lovely reader to be able to get some inspiration from the new looks I create.

I feel like the blogging industry has come under a lot of scrutiny lately, especially seeing as Vogue (online) themselves decided to start a full blown battle against bloggers, but I feel that still today, after more than ten years, blogging is such a great way to stay inspired and to push those behind the screens, whether it be the blogger, or the readers to try something new, I'm biased I know.

A quick search for London Bloggers on Google or even Instagram and you are over flooded with a tonne of different girls. All of different ages, different shapes and sizes, while all having a different style. Then there are the influencers, and a tone of oh so beautiful Instagram girls. So how do we stand out amiss the crowd? I constantly feel like I may not be doing my job well enough.

This is something that I have been struggling to deal with. How do I stand out when I am just this ordinary girl, writing on my laptop at home? Well, there is only ONE Teral Atilan. There is only one Turkish Cypriot, living in London, who is 24 years old who looks like me. I am original. And I am ordinary, and I think that's what (I hope) all my readers and followers like; the fact that I am so accessible. I've never died my hair, I've never had any surgery or fillers and even my nails are real. 

I've touched base on this point a few times here before, but as someone who believes you must love yourself for what and who you are, I can't seem to stress it enough. So in an over crowded space, I feel that standing out is down to being yourself, flaws and all.

Have you noticed a change in the blogging industry?



October Must Haves From John Lewis

Sunday 23 October 2016

With autumn in full swing, I tend to change my beauty routine. As the weather gets colder, my skin get drier and my lips start chapping, so although I have oily combination skin, I tend to try to go for a lot more hydrating products.

For an instant facial the Kiehl's Energising Radiance mask is the perfect autumn product to take you through to the winter. The crushed cranberry seeds gently exfoliate your skin leaving it smoother, brighter, illuminated. As someone who constantly dull tired looking skin, this is the perfect product to give me a winters glow.

As someone who suffers with large pores, I have tried all the products on the market in order to reduce these pores, and nothing has come as close has the Clarins Double Serum. It leaves skin looking firmer, and if you suffer from wrinkles it helps them appear smoother. This is a product that I can actually share with my mum and we will both have a different use for it. In the colder months as mentioned above, skin can look dull so I like to use this serum over night so I wake up with a glow.

For the day time I like to use the Elemis Super Food Facial oil as it is really light and leaves my complexion feeling healthy and radiant. I tend to have quite an oily T-Zone, and a lot of people are scared to add oil, but that's exactly what you need to do. Your skin is lacking vital oils so it produces an oily complexion to compensate.

In the summer I love wearing sweet scents, but as soon as Autumn drops I go for something a lot more woody and long lasting. Replica are a French brand which is keen for your perfume to detect memories. And that's exactly what a scent does. Whenever I smell fresh bread it reminds me of my grandmother baking. So I think it's a great concept to have a perfume that reminds you of moments by the fireplace. This perfume takes me back to my winters spent in North Cyprus lighting our fireplace (as there was no central heating).

I have been a huge fan of Molton Brown shower gels for as long as I can remember. They're new fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves their bathroom to smell like spices and autumn. That's exactly what it smells like. Cinnamon and spices, while also having specs of gold leaf. And who doesn't like to shower in gold?

Have a look at the autumn edit here and let me know what you decide to buy. Do you tend to change your beauty regime ever season, or do you know what works for you and you constantly use it?

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