Three Ways To Style A Playsuit

Sunday 31 July 2016

I've just uploaded a new video where I show you how to style one playsuit three different ways. From different ways to style the straps, to different accessories. 

Over the last few months I've found myself more and more drawn to playsuits as their so easy to wear (apart from needing to go to the toilet) and so easy to style. 

Personally, I find it quite hard to wear the same outfit unless I switch it up a little, so I'm showing you how to get the actual cost per wear with your playsuit.

Which style is your favourite? Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. I have new videos every Sunday.


How To Stand Out As A Blogger

Friday 29 July 2016

Playsuit: New Look
Sunglasses: Quay
Espadrilles: Zara

Lately, everywhere I go I seem to find some one talking about blogging. Even in the most random places. The other day I was in Bluewater shopping centre, and I could hear this mum talking about her daughter who has just started blogging and is trying to build her social platforms. In some ways, this makes me so happy.

The idea that more and more people are understanding what blogging is, and why it's so popular and the hard work that goes into it makes me over the moon. On the other hand, it's hard to stand out. How do you stand out in a crowd in real life? Would you use the same tactics to stand out online? These are a few questions that I started asking myself. 

And the only real answer I came up with was; BE DIFFERENT. How do we be different in a network built on being different. When blogs came out, it was so different, so out there that it caught so many peoples attention. Now, blogging is the norm. Everyone can do it, and they are. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it. As long as people are blogging for the right reason and bring positivity to their network, then I'm you're biggest supporter. 

I've found myself trying to find different ways to be different. Do I change my style? Do I change the way I do my make up? Do I wear more or less make up? And then I stopped wondering and realised that I am different. I am me. There is no other Teral Atilan out there. There may be someone who dresses the same, and their may be someone who even thinks the same way as I do. But there sure isn't someone who thinks and looks and acts like me, because I am different!

There is so much competition in the blogging industry that I think some people get so caught up in worrying that they wont get noticed and that the right opportunity wont come their way, but patience, hard work and being true to yourself will always help you get further than you could ever imagine.

Have you ever felt like you've got lost in a crowd full of people all wanting to achieve the same thing? How did you deal with it?


White Summer Dress

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (currently on sale)
Wedges: Dorothy Perkins (currently on sale)
 Bag: Givenchy
Sunglasses: Le Specs

Summer dresses. They come in all shapes and sizes. From A-Line to Maxi's you can find something for everything. But one thing that never goes out of style is a white summer dress. These dresses are the epitome of summer for me. They look so good with a tanned body, that it's so hard to resist going for an all white wardrobe while vacationing. 

I love wearing white summer dresses, as I find them so comfortable and so effortless. There's not much thought and hassle that needs to go into your look. It's simple. A white dress, and any colour accessorise you want, as your white dress is your blank canvas.

This gorgeous dress from Dorothy Perkins is stunning. I wore it out with a few friends the other day and they were so shocked that it was Dorothy Perkins, expecting it to be from a more expensive designer store. Alas, it was from the trusty DP. 

White dresses are one of my favourite looks, just look here and here. It may be a bit of a problem I have, but hey, I can deal with it, if you don't mind me style white dresses a million ways!

Do you enjoy wearing white dresses in the summer as much as I do? 


How To Style A Maxi Dress

Monday 25 July 2016

Sunglasses: Le Specs

I've recently added a summer look book which featured this dress and a lot of people said this was their favourite look so I decided to go out and actually shoot it for a blog post as it is such a beautiful piece. 

I have such a love affair with maxi dresses. At one point, they were all I ever wanted to wear, especially in the summer, then I kinda fell out of love with them as they were either too bohemian looking or too simple. After finding this piece my love is back for them, It is the perfect transitional piece from day to night, while still looking extremely stylish and on trend.

This dress just makes me feel like that red dress emoji. You know the dancing woman one. With such a beautiful floral print and cut out detailing across the waist I think this dress is ideal for an evening out on holiday, or even spending the day around London (as we've been having a bit of nice weather lately, I've been making the most of it)

The good thing about maxi dresses is that anyone can wear them, whether you are short or tall, slim or curvy, it suits all body shapes and is extremely flattering. Do you like wearing maxi dresses? Let me know hoe you style them.


What's In My Handbag X Givenchy Antigona

Sunday 24 July 2016

I bought this bag for myself as a little birthday treat last month and I haven't stopped using it since. It is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen and I am so obsessed with it. Watch the video above to see my review on the bag and just how much crap stuff I can put inside.

As always, if you like what you see don't forget to like and subscribe <3


Summer Co-ord

Thursday 21 July 2016

Top: Topshop (similar)
Shorts: Topshop (similar)
Boots: H&M (similar here)
Sunglasses: Quay currently on sale

First things first. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to find the links to the co-ord anywhere but I will be keeping an eye out and will tweet/ Instagram as soon as I have so make sure you're following me on both not to miss out. And of course, if you happen to come across them before I do, let me know!

The weather in London has been absolutely swelteringly hot! It's fabulous those days where I'm at home editing, but taking the train/tube in this heat is not ideal. I thought it would be perfect to FINALLY showcase some summer looks on the blog. Now on to this beautiful co-ord set. I happened to find this in my local Topshop and it was love at first sight. I could instantly picture the way I would style it, and even the sort of poses I would take in it. I knew it would be a really fun outfit to shoot and I was so right.

Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing this down the street in London, but on I would definitely rock it on holiday. For some reason, I find that a lot of us (mainly brits) think its acceptable to walk around half naked on holiday, take for instant walking into a supermarket in your bikini and a pair of shorts... we've all done it at some point, but God forbid we walk around semi naked in London!

I teamed this outfit with my favourite H&M boots that are super comfortable and make the outfit a little edgier than if I were to team it with a pair of barely there sandals. What do you think? How would you have styled this look?

I've also had ALOT of love for my sunglasses (which my mum has stolen taken on holiday) on Instagram. They are currently on sale so make the most of it! They're so flattering!


How To Look Put Together When You Feel Rubbish

Monday 18 July 2016

Sunglasses- Missguided
Choker- Aldo (similar here)

This blog has evolved so much in the last year. It's something that I see growing more and more everyday and I want to bring more to it other than things I wear. I want to bring outfits for every occasion you have. And one of the biggest concerns that I have is that I dress for my mood. 

For special occasions I plan outfits in my head in advance and try everything on days before to make sure I'm happy with it. But I've never been like that for everyday wear. I've never been the sort of girl that lays her clothes down the night before. I'm more of a let me look outside and see how I feel first kind of girl. I remember how hard it was for me while dressing for university 6 years ago. 

Things have changed so much since I was in university and I feel like there is so much pressure to look good everyday, and the pressure is starting from such a younger age now. If your eyebrows are not on fleek, or highlight on point and wearing the latest trends it's easy to feel left behind. I thought it would be a great time to help you get your wardrobe sorted as summer holidays are starting and we all want to look good for the gram! 

There's something about this look that I really like. At first glance, there's nothing special about it, but I think that's what makes it so great. On days when I just don't feel like I want to make an effort (let's be honest we all have them days we just want to sit in a pair of leggings and a scruffy jumper) I feel like this will be a great alternative. 

The skirt can be quite dressy, but by teaming it with a striped top it brings a really casual vibe, that whole, I just threw this on lie we all tell others. By adding the wedges it pulls the entire outfit together and makes it more presentable. You could also team it with a pair of really cute trainers, or espadrilles to keep the look really casual, or a pair of flat sandals for a more glam look.

Do you have a go to look for when you just can't be bothered?

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