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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Where To Go For The End Of The Summer X Miraggio Thermal Spa Review

There's something so magical about vacations. They make you a better person. Whether you go backpacking around the world, or visit a spa retreat, you come back a happier person who is rearing to get stuck back into your everyday life.

Although backpacking is not something on my list for now, I love travelling with a wheelie suitcase and my American Tourister suitcase is perfect for shot breaks. I love a good spa retreat. Although I love city breaks and visiting new locations, every now and then I need to completely relax. We al do. We live such fast paced lives that we don't really get to chill out. 


For my last summer trip I thought the Miraggio Thermal Spa would be perfect. I headed there with my boyfriend, my blogging friend Elena from Eat Wear Travel and her husband and baby. We booked our trip for the very next day after London Fashion Week so we knew we would be exhausted and be able to make the most of our time away. The hotel is located about an hour and a half away from Thessaloniki airport and the hotel offers free transfers to and from the airport for all guests.

Miraggio Thermal Spa is a relatively new hotel. With around 300 rooms 90% of them are suites which means you have maximum comfort in your room.

We had a junior sea facing suite which was absolutely beautiful. Waking up every morning to see the sea in the distance was the perfect start to any day. Our room was situated in such a lovely location, we were in such close proximity to the entire hotel.


With three outdoor pools and a two floor spa filled with thermal water (each at different temperatures) there's no excuse for not getting into the water. 

As Miraggio is essentially a spa hotel, we visited the spa and tried their Algoane Hydrating Traveller facial. It's a 20 minute express facial which left our skin feeling soft and hydrated. Other facilities in the spa include saunas, gym, four thermal pools and Hair and nail salons. 

If the spa gets a little boring (which in reality I know it wont) there are so many activities to do in the hotel including archery, boat tours, wine tasting and many MANY more. Honestly, if we were there for longer I think we would have tried all the different activities.


The food at Miraggio is delicious. There are five different restaurants and we samples four of them. The only one we didn't visit was the sea food one because my partner and myself aren't huge fish fans.

We did however visit the Italian restaurant which was delicious. I obviously ordered pizza and I ate it all! Alongside this there was the buffet restaurant which had a different menu every night. This is also where you would go for breakfast. Each day there was a huge selection of anything you could desire. The restaurant/bars around the pool area are perfect for during the day for snacks and small meals (although the souvlaki is definitely not small).

Each evening there was different entertainment. We headed up to the bar one evening where there was a Lion King production. Surprisingly, I would have an Alfa beer ( I highly recommend trying this)  It's light and when served on tap is super chilled and refreshing.   

There are also a small selction of shops, one of them being an ice cream shop which serves some of the most delicious ice creams I've ever tasted. Be prepared for a hefty bill. My boyfriend and I ordered three scoops each and paid over €20. This said, we went back everyday because the milk chocolate and the melon was out of this world.

Overall Experience 

In general, the hotel was somewhere I didn't think my boyfriend would like. He hates feeling like he is trapped in the hotel, but Miraggio has so many different activities and locations that you never feel like you're just sitting in a hotel. There are a few towns around the hotel but all are a little drive away.

We all came back feeling super relaxed and happy to head back to Miraggio Thermal Spa.  


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

What Does A Blogger Really Do?

A few weeks back I conducted a day in the life style interview with Socially Powerful. I talk all about how I started blogging, what it takes to create a blog post and much more. 

Check the video out below.


Saturday, 16 September 2017

LFW Day Two

This year, I decided to take London Fashion Week a lot easier. As I've been travelling a lot lately, and will be heading out again on Wednesday ( I think I've mentioned it enough times now) I didn't want to run myself down as I do every other season. So instead I am only going for a few days and I even took today (Saturday) off so that I could attend a wedding with my family. 

I did however have a second outfit from yesterday that I thought you guys would love to see on me. It's something super different for me. Although I would be seen wearing each piece individually, however I decided to step out of my comfort zone and team them all together. But I think it worked. 

I love the contrast between the lace with the sport luxe style jumper. It really shouldn't work, and for everyday I would probably stick out like a sort thumb but it is London Fashion Week at the end of the day and anything goes.

What would you wear to London Fashion Week if you had the chance?

Shoes: Just Fab
Sunglasses: Celine
Bag: Alexander McQueen


Friday, 15 September 2017

LFW Day One

So I am back in London (for a few days) before my last summer vacation of the year. This summer seems to have just flown by for me as I have not spent that much time in the UK. That said, I've felt a little out of it with my blog.

But with it being London Fashion Week, I thought I'd get back into the swing of it with a few of my outfits from this season. 

This first look was inspired by this fabulous lady I saw last season at LFW. She looked absolutely gorgeous and as a friend put it "when you dress like that you get invited to Burberry" So that's what I did. Alas, I didn't get the Burberry invite this year (again) but here's to positive thinking.

I went for a tailored suit in this stunning cherry red colour with nothing but a thermal tee on underneath...because London. With this look I thought I'd go for a sleek low ponytail as it helps keep the outfit the main focus. 

Teaming the pants suit with gold and black accessories kept the entire outfit looking quite chic and oh so FASHUN!


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