What Is Temping Really Like

Monday, 11 November 2019

As you all know, I've had a bit of a rough year when it comes to my mind this year. I love blogging and I love everything that social media represents and brings to my life, but I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.

I don't think I can work from home full time anymore, I've tried working in coffee shops, in shared offices, it's just not for me. So to my surprise, I have started temping. For the last week I have been temping as a receptionist.

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of temping was Charmed (I was obsessed with the original version of this growing up). I remember the character Paige Mathews played by Rose McGowan was feeling unsure what what she wanted to do. She had a passion for full time witchcraft but needed money and wanted the freedom of uping and going when she had to. And in someway, I really do quite relate to her on this. Although my passion is blogging and not witchcraft. It's funny how life pushes you in places you never thought you'd be going.

I never thought I would temp, I never thought I'd work in reception as it's not a job that ever crossed my mind, but, you know what. This week has felt wonderful. Maybe because it's a temp role, maybe because it's a reception job, but my state of mind has drastically increased.

This got me thinking of two different reasons it could be. Firstly, have you ever met a receptionist that wasn't happy and smiley. Not really (except if they work in a the doctors surgeries/ hospitals, because they have a lot to deal with.) It might be that you spend the majority of the day greeting people, answering calls, receiving packages, there's not much to stress about is there. And you can spend the rest of your time on the internet, shopping, reading, doing whatever you like really. Crazy isn't it.

And the second reason might also be the fact that I am only temporarily here. I know there's an end date and I don't really have enough time to sit around and draw on everyone else's negative energy. It's quite a surreal experience to be honest. I believe that I am a super positive and excitable person, but I also wear my heart on my sleeve and I can absorb other people's energies. This may sound funny to you, but I really feel like that.

So by temping so far, I've really enjoyed the time I've spent being a receptionist. I've signed up with an agency, which have secured temporary work for me until Christmas. The pay isn't incredible, but you know what, I don't mind at this moment and time. I'm able to do my blog work, answer my emails and at the same time meet new people, have face to face contact with people and it's what I've been needing in my life for about two year I'd say.

So if you feel like you're in a similar situation, feeling yourself in a downward spiral, then please don't let it get worse, because trust me it does. There's something so beautiful about getting out the house and doing something, anything. And even if it's not your dream job or career, taking care of your mind/ anxiety is super important.

I really hope these blog posts can help just one person, because when I was going through my worst days, I turned to just feeling positive that things will change, and with one week done, things.

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Non Surgical Nose Job

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Before I start this blog post I want to write a few disclaimers. Firstly, when it comes to any cosmetic procedure, whether it be non surgical or surgical, please always make your own decision, I am only here to offer my opinion, and recommendations based on where I have been. Secondly, this treatment was gifted and I work with Longevita on a commission basis for the people I recommend. As a customer, this will not affect your price I simply take a small finders fee commission.

Now, on to the good stuff. Last year I had this procedure done and I filmed it on YouTube, however this time I felt like writing it all out.

Recently I have had a non-surgical nose job. What’s that I hear you ask. Well, it’s essentially having filler in your nose to straighten it out. I have a slight hook on my nose. It’s noticeable from certain angles, and although it’s never made me feel super insecure, I have always noticed it in photos and videos.

I am absolutely petrified of surgery, I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any, and the though of going under the knife because there’s a slight hook on my nose makes me feel really nervous. That said, I actually like my nose. I like the length and the shape of it. It suits my face, and if I did go for a Rhinopasty, I feel like I will no longer look like myself. Therefore, I done some research and came about the procedure that is called a non-surgical nose job, or a three-point nose job.

When you have this procedure, you have filler injected into certain points of your nose (which actually make the nose bigger) that help contour the nose and create straight lines, thus, removing the look of a hooked nose.

I was super excited to have this procedure done. I would be able to keep my nose, have no downtime and have a straight looking nose. I was sold.

So a two weeks ago I went to Longevita to have a top up done. The procedure lasts between 15 to 18 months, which is a little longer than my previous treatment.

I went to visit Dr Gizem Seymenoglu in St Pauls to have my treatment done. She was extremely friendly and helped me achieve the nose I really wanted to.  She explained each step and kept checking my nose from different angles making sure she was sculpting my nose correctly. 

We focused a lot of the product on the tip of the nose and then evened it out by adding more of the filler right in the centre on the bridge of the nose. By doing this she was able to create the perfect contouring of my nose.

That evening no one noticed what treatment I had had done. It wasn’t until I uploaded on my IG Stories that the questions came flooding in.

My nose did start to feel a little tender, tight and swollen the next day. It started to bruise (which she warned me about) and the swelling didn’t subside until a few days later.

After a week I would say all side effects had gone, there was no signs of my treatment being done however, Dr Gizem did tell me to not touch and to be cautious of my nose for two weeks.

After two weeks I have moments where I have forgotten the treatment. It is not until I take a glance at myself in the mirror that I notice the difference in my nose.

A non surgical nose job creates an alternative for those like me, who are scared of operations and not wanting to change their nose too much. The change in my nose shape helps me feel more confident and happy with myself.

Longevita offer so many different cosmetic procedures, some can be carried out in the UK, but others like Rhinoplasty, breast implants and hair transplants all take place in Izmir and Istanbul. Longevita packages offer flights, accommodation and procedures to make your treatment a lot easier and hassle free.

As stated in the beginning of this post, please make sure you do your research, have conversations with the people/person doing your treatment and are going through with something on your own choices.

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