Graduating: Six Years On

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

wisteria london blogger

wisteria london blogger

wisteria london blogger

wisteria london blogger

wisteria london blogger

This morning as I was scheduling tweets I happened to go all the way back to some of my first blog posts. I went all the way back to May 2013, when I had just handed in my dissertation and had finished university. Thinking back it feels like just yesterday, but it dawned on me that it has actually been six years since then.

So much has happened, so much has changed, yet at the same time, it feels the same. Graduating six years ago I had NO idea what I was going to do. During the course of my degree magazines and newspapers had a huge hit; and studying journalism felt a bit pointless. Where was I going to find a job if there were no outlets anymore?

I had a solution that I didn’t even realise I was one at that point. I had my blog. My small slice of the internet. Little did I know that it would end up being a fully functioning job for me, where I’d get to write about things that I loved and that inspired me.

Graduating from university felt like the be all end all for me. At the time it was all I really wanted. I wanted to make my parents proud, prove to myself that I could do it and I did. But that was the easy part. Studying was so enjoyable for me, I loved learning new skills and meeting new people.

In my life after university, my degree has popped up a few times. Initially when looking for mainstream jobs the mention of a degree gives helped give me a slight upper hand. But what I’ve noticed is that it’s experience that employers are looking for.

If you can show that you have the experience and the right qualifications then there’s no stopping you. I’ve been working on my blog as my main income for over four years now. Six years ago I would have laughed if someone said that that’s what I’ll be doing today. And although my degree has helped me, it’s never been as important in my life as I always thought it would be.

Growing up there was always pressure from family and school to go and study, and although I think it was the perfect thing for me, it’s not an option for everyone and looking back, the job I currently have (running my own blog) I didn’t really need a degree.

The last six years have been a whirlwind. So many ups and downs since graduating. So many things I thought I’d have had and done by now, and so many things I could have never dreamed of have happened. Life after university has been incredible. It’s been challenging, and it’s definitely helped me become the woman I am today.

So for all of you out there graduating this year. Congratulations. You’ve done it. You’ve come this far and you’ve worked so hard for it. But now the real challenge begins. Life really starts once you’ve stopped learning from tutors and books and learn from the people around you and the experiences you will inevitably experience.

Here’s to the next six years. May it be eventful.  



Saturday, 11 May 2019

Firstly, I know this blog post is overdue, like months overdue! But I had fallen so out of love with my blog, uninspired and simply didn’t know what to talk about for the entire of 2019. But I’m making it my mission to make time up and create regular posts again.

I feel like I have finally learnt how to manage my time and to prioritise the more important things on a daily basis. This has taken six long years to get here but that’s what blogging is all about. It’s about learning new things, growing and in return, sharing it with an audience who enjoys reading your weird internet thoughts. So, thank you to everyone who has stuck around over the last year.

what is full time blogging like

I know I haven’t been putting in 100% effort and that really shows throughout my work. And I think it’s totally normal in this line of work. Being a blogger/ social media person really takes everything out of you. To the point where sometimes you feel like you don’t have anything left to give.

I’ve felt deflated, I felt uninspired and I’ve felt extremely inadequate. All topics that I have written numerous times about overcoming. These were all feelings myself and my other blogger friends have felt over the years, but this time it felt different. No matter what I tried to do I just couldn’t snap out of it. I couldn’t re-motivate myself or get inspired again and I fell into a pit of pulling myself away from everyone and everything I cared about.

what is full time blogging like

Over December, I reached a real low and felt like I needed a change. I needed a huge change that would push me to my limits and that change came in the form of a full-time job.

I worked full time for four months as a social media manager for a luxury brand. And I feel like having that opportunity really inspired me and helped me get back to me. It gave me a reason to get out of the house, it inspired me, it taught me and above all, I had something else to focus on for a while.

It took my mind off of my blog and gave me room to breathe. I didn’t have to think about Instagram or writing or even creating videos. Although I was still active on most of these platforms, I knew I was letting it all slide and I think that was probably the best decision for me.

At this new job I experienced the other side of blogging and Instagram. I met new people and I learnt new skills. Although I really enjoyed what I was doing in this role, I knew it was only a temporary role. I don’t know if I’ll start looking again for a full-time role, or stick back to the blog, but I just wanted to come on here and let you all know what I’ve been up to. Why I’ve been really quiet.

Life has a really funny way of pushing us to what we need. I needed to take a break from blogging to show me how much I love my platforms and engaging with all of you. I want you all to know that we all have ups and downs, we all experience hardships and that we have to go through these to be able to realise what we really want in life.

If you made it this far down the post thank you. Thank you for your support thank you for sticking around. I’d love to hear if any of you have gone through anything similar. Please feel free to leave a comment down below or message me on  twitter or Instagram @teralatilan.


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