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Monday, 16 July 2018


Last month I was lucky enough to attend Tel Aviv fashion week. Firstly, I've only ever attended London fashion week. And this year, I was a little over it all. I was fed up of seeing the same things over and over again and was looking for something new and exciting. That's excatly what Tel Aviv Fashion Week was. A breath of fresh air.

One of my goals this year was to say yes to things that scare me. On this trip I managed to conquer many things that scare me. First and foremost. Travelling alone. I've flown alone many times, but I am usually met at the other end by my mum to have a family holiday. So travelling to Tel Aviv alone and not knowing anyone on the other end was extremely petrifying for me. But, it was great! I got to spend the time on the plane working, and not knowing anyone else attending made me step out of my comfort zone and meet so many amazing people that I am lucky to say I have built a genuine friendship with.

Now to the main reason of travelling to Tel Aviv was for their fashion week. Something that has been running for seven years now. I didn't know what to expect from the country let alone the fashion scene out there.

For three days Tel Aviv was taken over by some of the most inspiring fashion I have ever seen. Taking place in an old Train station that has now been renovated into a complex filled with cute cafes, restaurants and boutiques, it was a hot spot this season.

When I think back to the shows, there's one thing that I remember with a huge fondness in my heart. That word is diversity. From the minute I arrived in Tel Aviv I was greeted by a range of different publishers from all over the world, to the models on the catwalk. All a range of different races, shapes and sizes. A true inspiration for other fashion weeks around the world.

My entire experience in Tel Aviv was a whirlwind. Between shows we were taken to dinners and trips to some of the most luxurious hotels the Tel Aviv has to offer. Having seen the best of fashion from Tel Aviv, their designers each created a different ambiance during each of their shows. However, there was one thing each show had in common. It was the excitement to be there, the excitement to show their designs and to represent their country.

Since coming back there's so many reasons I want to travel back. Fashion, food and history being one of the few reasons.

Before heading out to Tel Aviv I ordered a bespoke handbag from SolaMia. On the SolaMia website you can customise three different bags into anything you desire. I decided to go for an all black shopper style bag that would be great for all my travelling. You can customise straps, colour, interior, material and so much more. As each of the bags are individually designed, there are no exact same bags out there which is exactly why I love my new SolaMia handbag.

I would like to thank the team at Tel Aviv for giving this opportunity to me. I can not wait to come back to Tel Aviv one day.


Friday, 6 July 2018

Gillham Vineyard North Cyprus

When it comes to travelling there’s so much to see in this world. But one place I find myself travelling back to year after year (sometimes twice a year) is North Cyprus. It’s my home away from home. My family were born there and a lot of them are still out there so there’s always something pulling me back to this small island I call home.

This June, I headed out to North Cyprus for a family engagement. While out there I had the opportunity to visit Gillham Vineyard in Ilgaz Kyrenia. The first of it’s kind in North Cyprus and only open for just over a month; the hotel stands out compared to the rest on the island.

Gillham Vineyard is in itself a vineyard that offers to bring a new lease of wine tasting to the island. With wine tours including tasting sessions the hotel looks at offering more than just another bottle of wine. They’re looking to bring more wine culture to the island and to educate those interested in wine further.

Alongside this over the next few months they are working to finish building the spa area that will offer a range of different wine treatments. Something I am intrigued about and will definitely be heading back to check out once it’s open.

The Hotel

Gillham Vineyard also hosts 60 people in their boutique hotel. The hotel is an adult’s only facility up in the mountains offering you the most peaceful of breaks you can imagine.

If you’re looking for an escape from everyday Gillham Vineyard is the perfect spot for you. You’re up in the mountains with a view of the Vineyard, the mountains and the sea.

Even if you’re not a huge drinker, there’s still a lot to do in Gillham Vineyard. There’s an outdoor pool with the most incredible view overlooking North Cyprus. There’s a chef restaurant that offers some of the most delicious local ingredients found in North Cyprus with a twist. This is fine dining at it’s finest in North Cyprus.

If you’re travelling to North Cyprus this year I recommend spending a few nights here for utter relaxation. If you’re not looking to stay here then make sure you take a wine tour and learn more about the wine they make and serve at Gillham Vineyard.

I’d never been wine tasting before and the staff at Gillham are so knowledgeable that they have shown me what to look for and how to truly taste wine for the best experience.

Have you ever been wine tasting before? Have you visited North Cyprus before?


Saturday, 26 May 2018


At the beginning of May I headed on a trip that I had been super excited for. I was heading to Turkey for 6 days with a bunch of people I didn't know. Granted I stalked them all online before because let's be honest, who wouldn't!

And then the day came. Being Turkish Cypriot, understanding the Turkish culture, speaking the language and having visited a few of the places before I was super excited to be on a trip where I would be able to understand the locals.

In the four hour flight, myself and a few of the girls became acquainted and by the end of the flight we had created a bond that took us through the entire trip. That's the great thing about travelling. It's not just the location, but the people you meet along the way.

The first day was to be spent in Bodrum. I've visited Bodrum before, but mainly stayed in the resort. So I was excited to head out and see what the city had to offer. We spent the night in Royal Asarlik Beach. The hotel had two different pools and a beach on offer. One of the great thing about hotels in Turkey is that you get a great offer for an all inclusive break. 

The next two days were spent in Marmaris. Here we spent two nights each in a different hotel. The first night was spent in the luxurious Orka Lotus Beach. The second in Green Nature Diamond. Both equally luxurious, however I found Orka Lotus Beach to be a lot more relaxed, where as Green Nature had more of a younger vibe with music playing all day at the pool. It really depends what you are looking for.

Day four we travelled from Marmaris to Oludeniz. One of my favourite places in Turkey. I'd been to Oludeniz about five years before and fell in love, so I was so happy to travel back there again. But before we ended up in our hotel in Oludeniz, we had a jam packed day. Our first stop was the Lycian Tombs. These are situated in Dalyan and you can see them by boat. We also managed to spot some baby turtle while sailing around the lake.

We then headed to the Dalyan Mud baths to experience a mud and thermal water bath. This was great for our skin, but I couldn't handle to scent and had to be pulled out of the thermal water. Thinking back to that moment is making me want to heave again! The smell was vile!

We then headed to visit some of the founders of the wonderful Orka Hotels and went to see some of the Villas they have built. These villas are literal GOALS. With it's on hamam, hot tub and gym to name a few it's a home we can all aspire to have!

Our last night was spent in Orka Sunlife Oludeniz where we enjoyed a lovely meal together. The hotel is so big it has an outside lift to take you to your room.

The last morning it was actually raining until around 11am. This had us all worried for we had a busy day planned that involved a lot of outdoor activity. Luckily, the rain cleared and blue skies appeared allowing us to have a wonderful last day in Oludeniz. I finally managed to visit the Blue Lagoon and Turquoise beach. If you want clear white sand with blue seas, this is the place to go. It's breath taking.

We then headed on one of the Alesta yacht's. This was so much fun, we stopped off a few times and had the opportunity to head into the seas. Personally I love swimming and the sea so I went in for a little dip and with the heat I dried in around five minutes.

Our last meal was spent in Rixos Gocek. Here we had a delicious three course meal.

If you'd like to see my vlog I have attached it below. Have you ever been to Turkey before? Would you want to visit now?


Wednesday, 23 May 2018


There was a day that if you said I had to choose between yellow gold or white gold and silver, I would have always chosen the latter. I always felt like yellow gold was for older people. My mum would always wear yellow gold and I wanted to make my own mark and be different. And that's why I always opted for silver jewellery.

Now, fast forward to 2018, it seems as though yellow gold has made a huge comeback with bloggers alike all opting to wear yellow gold, or like me, mixing the two together.

This summer, I can't stop shopping for gold necklaces. It's currently my favourite thing to look for and I've started to build up quite a collection of cute pieces that I can mix and match.

I feel like this is my current favourite two pieces to wear together. I am on the hunt for something to drop a little lower and possibly have a small charm on it. When I'm in Cyprus, I'll be heading out to all the jewellers to have a look and see what there is on offer.

I like shopping for jewellery in Cyprus as there is no tax on gold so it's generally a lot cheaper and usually is solid gold. A lot of my other pieces are either gold plated silver or gold plated rhodium.

If you're wanting to switch over to gold jewellery, I suggest you start at the lower end of the market and try some styles from the highstreet to see if it's what you like as it is quite an adjustment if all you've ever worn is silver before.

The chocker style necklace that I am wearing is from Etsy, and the pendant is the English Farthing on the 16 inch chain from Katie Mullally.

Here are a few other pieces that have caught my eye. Let me know if you'd like to see a feature on earrings or watches or anything else let me know!

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