Grey Co-Ord

Thursday 29 September 2016

Love them or hate them, two pieces, co-ords there's no denying that they look good! I myself, I'm obsessed with them. They are right up my style as you can see here, I love them. Especially this grey strapless top and culottes. It's so minimal and effortlessly cool.

I knew this outfit would look amazing in Santorini against the while buildings and blue skies.

As the outfit itself is quite minimal it's really easy to style in in a way that you find suits your personal style. As I love simple things, I kept it SUPER simple by just adding a pair of shades and a pair of khaki heels, because khaki is everything in the summer (and the winter) and I love the contrast it creates.

What do you think of this look, and how would you style it?


Co-ord: Boohoo
Shoes: Ego
Sunglasses: Missguided


Maxi Dresses In Santorini

Tuesday 27 September 2016

A week before London Fashion Week I headed out to a dream destination of mine. Santorini. I've wanted to head there for years and this summer I finally was able to go and visit the beautiful white crisp buildings of Santorini.

While there of course I had to shoot a lot a few outfit posts. I'm starting my Santorini diaries with this beautiful maxi dress I am obsessed with. There's something about standing on a rooftop, the edge of a mountain and a floral maxi dress that I just can't get over.

Although summer is coming to an end, there's always some time to take inspiration from holiday snaps. 

I was kindly sent this beautiful cold shoulder dress and it looked absolutely amazing in the small streets of Santorini. Everything is so picturesque. I'm still in awe that I actually went. It's definitely somewhere I will love to go back to in a few years.

Back to the dress. The outfit is actually really simple to wear, and it suits any body shape and any height. A maxi dress is one of the most flattering dresses that have ever been designed as it covers all lumps and bumps, but still looks absolutely stunning on. 

Make sure you stay tuned to my next travel post. There's so many that I appologise in advance!

Dress: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Noughts And Kisses


Santorini Lookbook

Sunday 25 September 2016

When it comes to travelling I love documenting what I've been up to and I will be uploading a vlog once everything is edited, but there is currently soo much footage that I am going through. 

Another thing that I love documenting is what I wear. I tend to be the sort of person that remembers and event by what I wore.

I hope you guys love this style of video and let me know what you would like to seen next.


LFW SS17 Day Five

Wednesday 21 September 2016

London Fashion Week is over for another season! The last day of fashion week is always my favourite, some of the best shows are on and although everyone is super exhausted, there's excitement and relief all around us.

For the last look I wanted to wear something I have worn on the blog before here, but style it completely differently.

I really enjoyed layering so I added a shirt dress on top and wore it as a jacket. I've also added my favourite Alexander McQueen belt to help the outfit look a lot more put together.

What do you think of my fifth look for London Fashion Week? Make sure you keep up with all the shows I attend on my snapchat teralatilan1 and my instagram here.


Shoes: Asos
Shirt Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Bag: Burberry
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


LFW SS17 Day Four

Monday 19 September 2016

I've never tried layering before. I mean, in the winter I wear a jumper and a jacket, but I've never done the whole layering styling thing. And what better place for my experiments first outing but London Fashion Week?

I've had a huge situation with my deliveries and am still waiting for items to come, so I decided to go through my wardrobe and mix a few old items with new ones. This is something I do for everyday styles, but I've never really brought this to the blog. Is this something you would like to see? Maybe how to style one item 3 different ways? Let me know.

I really wanted to wear this shirt in a way that I felt comfortable so I rolled the sleeves up and layered it with a longer shirt. Teaming it with this burgundy skirt from last year I really like the way the colours compliment each other.

What do you think of my fourth look for London Fashion Week? Make sure you keep up with all the shows I attend on my snapchat teralatilan1 and my instagram here.

White Top: Asos
Khaki Shirt: Maniere De Voir
Skirt: Boohoo
Boots: Shoeaholic
Bag: Burberry
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


LFW SS17 Day Three

Sunday 18 September 2016

By day three of London Fashion Week I find myself in a surge of panic. I'm worried I don't have anything to wear (the pressure is intense at LFW as everyone looks soo good 24/7) my feet are aching, my arms are stiff from carrying goody bags all over London and I haven't had a good nights sleep in... I don't know.

That all said, I love fashion week and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to go. This time last year I attended my first 'off schedule' show and this year I am attending three on schedule shows... Mum, 'I've made it'.

For today's look I went for double denim and comfort. I had a busy day attending a few different hangouts so I thought it would be best that I wore something that would be perfect for moving around in.

I teamed my denim shorts with this gorgeous floral shirt. I decided to undo a few buttons and turn the pussybow into a choker type of top and I think it looks really great. I had a hell of a lot of compliments on my outfit, and I literally chose it the night before in a rag of stress and panic!

What do you think of my third look for London Fashion Week? Make sure you keep up with all the shows I attend on my snapchat teralatilan1 and my instagram here.

Top: Matalan
Shorts: Missguided
Jacket: Just Fab
Trainers: Adidas
Sunglasses: Noughts & Kisses
Bag: Givenchy

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