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Sunday, 26 February 2017

During London Fashion Week I was kindly invited by Google to go and stay at ME London Hotel on the Strand. And of course, I said YES! There's also a lot more photographs over on my Instagram

This hotel has a very special place in my heart, and now even more so. I remember three years ago attending my very first blogger event. Waking through the entrance and being escorted to the top floor radio rooftop for a PR press day. 

In the last three years a lot has happened. That PR company is no longer in business, and my blogging has become a full time job, and visiting some of the best hotels in London is the norm. 

One thing I said I wanted to do more this year is hotel reviews, travel more and do more press trips. With it only being February, I'm pretty chuffed that I've already managed to do 2/3 of these. 

The Hotel

Now ME London is known for quite a few different things. The rooftop bar, the wonderful STK which is situated right next door/ inside and the impeccable service. I stayed in one of the Mode rooms on the 6th floor. This meant that I had a medium sized room (which was massive) with great views leading on to the Novello Theatre (Mama Mia).

Being only a stones throw from Covent Garden means there is an endless list of places to explore, from shopping to eating, drinking and visiting the many different theatres. Covent Garden is possibly my favourite place in London as it's so cute and has everything you could ever need. 

The Room
My room had the biggest bed I've ever stayed in. The first night I couldn't seem to get comfortable, but I think it was just the mere excitement of the following week. The other three nights I slept so peacefully. 
My room had a double shower, as far as I am aware, upon request you can get a bath for a Mode Room. That said, my shower was extremely comfortable. Imagine a box room, the imagine it having two extremely large shower heads in it. That's the showers in the Mode Room. I was even able to hang my shirts up and let the steam iron all the creases out. 

Although I always bring my own toiletries, there were shampoo, conditioners and body showers as well as a Treseme Hairdryer.
Alongside this, there is a his and her sink/mirror area with a portable mirror which came in so handy when doing my make up. There's also a vanity area that I spent my mornings getting ready as well as a table with a view of the street which is perfect for breakfast.

The Service
Upon arrival, my luggage was taken from me the minute I walked in the hotel and I didn't see them again until I walked into my room. From the reception, I was taken up to the first floor reception to be checked in with a glass of Prosecco. It's the little touches to make your stay that little bit more enjoyable that really stand out.

As fashion week is always so busy and usually having early starts I asked for my breakfast to arrive at 7.30am. The staff were always on time, greeting me with the biggest smiles in the morning. As I was a guest of Google, my breakfast was chosen by them and always had a little twist of a G thrown in there. There selection of fruits kept me fuelled and was possibly the only reason I didn't catch a cold. Also, can I add that the orange juice was one of the best fresh orange juices I've ever had. I'm not much of a fan of bits in my juice but it was delicious. 

As well as this, the pastries that I didn't manage to eat first thing in the morning was left in my room and collected the following day which I thought was a great touch as by lunchtime/midnight I would start craving a little snack and they came in so handy.

My room was spotless everyday. That said, I think I caught the staff cleaning my room once and that was literally because I kept coming and going on the first day. When I was out in the evening upon arrival I would find my room had been turned down for the night. That meant I had bottles of water and chocolate next to my bed. My bed had been untucked and there was peaceful music playing. It really helped me get into a really zen place and helped me sleep. 

Any enquiries or requests were met quickly and efficiently. For me, you all know that service is key.

Food/ Entertainment

There is a 24hr kitchen you can order for in room service which had a range of different foods from salads to steaks from STK. I only managed to order a salad on the Friday as the rest of the week I was invited to brunches and lunches and for dinner I tended to go out with friends (or pick up a pizza, because I am obsessed with pizza.)

As I have said there are a few different areas in the hotel to grab a bite, but if hotel food isn't what you are after, there are so many different places in Covent Garden which are a five minute walk. From Italian to Steaks you can find anything you are after. While staying at the hotel I ate Shake Shack, The Diner, Steak & Co and Pizza Pilgrims. A bit of everything I guess. I do suggest booking some of the well known restaurants in advance as I tried to head to Dishoom and Flat Iron which both had a two hour wait...

On Saturday night I headed up to Radio Rooftop for a few cocktails. If you are looking for a relaxing evening, I suggest getting there around 8-9 as it does tend to get a little busy around the bar. Those staying at the hotel are able to go up through the hotel entrance instead of having to go all the way around.

Just a side note, all of these photos were taken on the Google Pixel phone. The camera quality is absolutely insane!

What do you look for when booking a hotel? Do you like staycations?


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