50 random facts about me

Sunday 31 January 2016

Today I've uploaded a video where I talk about 50 VERY random things about me. I am aware that many people read blogs because they don't like the idea of sitting a watching a video on youtube, but I feel like I can really bring my personality across through youtube so I have started back up on my chanel. I'm still finding my feet on their as it's crazy different to the blogging world. But also, I think it's great for you all to hear my voice. As annoying and squeaky it may be. It really helps build a persons character. Too many times have I met a blogger I've been following and been completely surprised by their voice and accent! So it's time you all get to know me properly. Random facts and all!

Let me know what you'd like to see next! And don't forget to subscribe and like!

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Fringing and red

Friday 29 January 2016

fashion blogger

Teral Atilan

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As of late I have really been loving wearing a pencil skirt and a baggy jumper. There's something so effortless about it. Just imagine waking up in the morning, putting a printed (pencil) midi skirt on, wrapping up all cozy in a baggy knitted jumper and chucking a pair of trainers on, while placing a pair of sunglasses to cover those Prada bags under your eyes. And that's it. You're set to go running around in an outfit that's so stylish and comfortable at the same time. I could literally live in this outfit all winter long, simply placing a coat on top for those extra chilly days; which in London, is everyday... 

For today's look I decided to 'glam' it up a little and threw on my favourite boots from Public Desire on. There's something so refreshing about wearing a pair of boots that aren't black. I never usually go for such a bold boot colour but ever since I bought them a few months back I find myself planning outfits around them... will this go with red..? Most often I would say red is such a hard colour to match clothes with, but seeing as it's winter and this is more of a bordeaux colour, I think it looks absolutely stunning juxtaposed with colours you wouldn't normally want to place it with.

How do you feel about red boots? Are they something you see yourself wearing?

Here's some of my favourite pencil skirts around at the moment.

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Which Hangbag Is Which?

Wednesday 27 January 2016

I've got a super exciting competition for you all. I've teamed up with Farfetch to bring you a match the designer bag game. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place could win £500, £300 or £200 voucher to spend at Farfetch. So what are you waiting for.

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The Ultimate Accessory X Daisy Dixon Watches

Tuesday 26 January 2016

One of my latest obsessions are watches. I've used a watch ever since I can remember, but as of late, I've been slowly adding to my collection, selecting different colours, finishes and different dial sizes.

The latest piece to drop on my door is the Alexa Daisy Dixon piece in white leather strap. How minimalistic and chic is this! Perfect for adding a little everyday glam to your wrist.

When it comes to watches I feel bare without one. Because I've been wearing a watch for what seems like ever, I constantly look at my wrist and love to see the light bouncing of of the dial. Not only that, but when I look at my phone for the time, I always get distracted by either a message or a notification, so for me, it's a lot simpler to check my watch to tell the time... I mean that is what they are for!

The Daisy Dixon watches come in a beautifully packaged box which is so adorable. You all know how much of a sucker I am for good packaging. With collections varying from £40 to £80 there's a price range for everyone. I've got my eye on the Kate in Sleek Black which is currently out of stock! Story of my life!

Are you an avid watch wearer, or more of a 'I have a phone, I don't need a watch' kind of person?

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My Morning Routine

Sunday 24 January 2016

This week I've created my morning routine. When it comes to skin care I am constantly trying new routines and new products but I find that this combination has been working perfectly for me over this winter.

Let me know what you all think and what you'd like to see next!

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How To Look Stylish Walking Around London

Saturday 23 January 2016

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Someday all I want to do is wear something that I just can relax in, when I'm at home, there's no doubt that I'm wearing some form of lounge wear, but out on the street, I need to look less like a slob!

When it comes to dressing myself on a daily basis I have to dress like my mood. I once went to a meeting wearing all black and my hair tied up. They asked me what was today's inspiration and all I replied was, I was having a bad hair day in the morning so I dressed in black because my mood felt crap! And I've always been like that. Am I the only one? 

I wasn't having a bad hair day, but it was cold and grey (weather also compromises my mood) so I thought dark tones were the perfect combination. Having a slight obsession with the colour khaki, I knew I had to encorporate that into the look. When walking around London,  I feel a good pair of (stylish) trainers can go a long way. Not usually a trainers wearer, I haven't taken these babies off since I received them at Christmas.

This jacket from Just Fab is the perfect jacket for days when you want to layer up and not feel like you can't move as it's quite loose. I adore the way it looks and can be worn with the sleeves rolled up or down.

How do you dress yourself in the morning? Or do you plan your outfits the night before? Let me know in the comments below.

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Get That Fresh Feeling For Your Hair Without Washing It X Amika DryShampoo

Friday 22 January 2016

You guys know how much I LOVE using products that allow me not to wash my hair as much as I really should. This magical product has saved me many a times over the years. Yep. Dry shampoo, I'm talking about you. My saviour, my life, my everything. Literally. I use dry shampoo at least every other day. Not just for that in between wash feel, but because it helps adds volume and leaves my hair and myself feeling fresh.

How stunning is the packaging for these Amika products, very 70s. I love the way it makes such a contrast to my otherwise all white room, really adds some colour so I love having the cans on show!

I was sent the Perk Up Dry Shampoo, Silken Up Dry Conditioner and the Un.Done Texture Spray. As a devotee Dry Shampoo user, I feel like I have enough expertise to know a good Dry Shampoo when I see one. And boy was I excited when I started to use these products.

Firstly the smell. It's divine. I really love the floral scent, it just makes me feel a lot more refreshed. i feel like a good scented Dry Shampoo goes a long way. When it comes to application, its pretty simple, spray some Dry Shampoo on your roots, then pat/rub/brush it so that there's no white bits left. The Amika products were really easy to blend and didn't leave any residue (flaky bits).

Dry Conditioner; concept that I have never tried before so I definitely didn't know what to expect. If like me, your hair gets oily really quickly, and your ends get really tangled then the Dry Conditioner is the ideal product for you! It softens your hair and makes it so easy to brush your hair. This is something that I will certainly be adding in to my next shopping list!

You can purchase these and many more products from Sally Express Uk here.

How do you feel about Dry shampoo? Do you love the product as much as I do?

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Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Wednesday 20 January 2016

UK fashion blogger, valentines day

UK fashion blogger, valentines day

UK fashion blogger, valentines day

UK fashion blogger, valentines day

UK fashion blogger, valentines day

UK fashion blogger, valentines day

UK fashion blogger, valentines day

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Skirt | Top | Boots | Bag

As it's almost the end of January, February 14th will soon approach and slap us in the face. And before you know it, if you're anything like me, you'll be in a massive panic, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR! Ahh! No matter how long I've known my boyfriend, and how many times he's seen me without make up, when it comes to Valentine's day, anniversaries, birthdays or the famous Date Night's I always rush around trying to find something that makes me feel beautiful and confident. So if you're anything like me, don't worry ladies, I've got you this year. 

I focused this outfit around the lace shirt. It's such a Valentine's day colour for me. I love wearing red or pink on these days. I'm such a girly girl it's unreal. There's also something quite sexy about red and lace. It's quite daring yet, classy, as you're not actually showing much skin.

What are you planning on wearing for Valentine's Day? Do you go all out, or prefer to keep it simple, let me know in the comments below.

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