The Under Eye Saviour

Friday 8 January 2016

Recently I've felt like I've been getting fine lines and super heavy bags under my eyes. I've been working extremely hard, staying up late and working long hours to bring new content to my blog (please no sympathy, I love it, but my eyes, they don't) and it's taking it's toll on my under eye area. So I've been looking for an eye cream that works for a while now.

As we get older, the skin looses its elasticity, and signs of ageing can suddenly appear out of no where (hey first grey hair) but by using anti-ageing products it can help us maintain our youthful glow for a little longer. The only real way of 'preventing' ageing is plastic surgery, and that's a bit extreme for me right now.

The Advanced Eye Cream by Malvina has the consistency of a thick mask. It's supposed to be used as an eye mask, but as I have really dehydrated under eyes which leaves me with extremely dark circles and bags (double whammy) so I tend to use it more as an eye cream at night and let it work its magic as I sleep.

The cream doesn't really have a strong scent, it's has a hint of floral but isn't too much which is what I love. I tend to use this every night but opt for a lighter cream during the day.

I also must mention the reflective packaging, (extremely hard to photograph, but looks divine on my dressing table.

Check out the rest of Malvina's anti-ageing range here.

What's your go to under eye cream? Or do you completely skip the process?

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