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Friday 29 January 2016

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Teral Atilan

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As of late I have really been loving wearing a pencil skirt and a baggy jumper. There's something so effortless about it. Just imagine waking up in the morning, putting a printed (pencil) midi skirt on, wrapping up all cozy in a baggy knitted jumper and chucking a pair of trainers on, while placing a pair of sunglasses to cover those Prada bags under your eyes. And that's it. You're set to go running around in an outfit that's so stylish and comfortable at the same time. I could literally live in this outfit all winter long, simply placing a coat on top for those extra chilly days; which in London, is everyday... 

For today's look I decided to 'glam' it up a little and threw on my favourite boots from Public Desire on. There's something so refreshing about wearing a pair of boots that aren't black. I never usually go for such a bold boot colour but ever since I bought them a few months back I find myself planning outfits around them... will this go with red..? Most often I would say red is such a hard colour to match clothes with, but seeing as it's winter and this is more of a bordeaux colour, I think it looks absolutely stunning juxtaposed with colours you wouldn't normally want to place it with.

How do you feel about red boots? Are they something you see yourself wearing?

Here's some of my favourite pencil skirts around at the moment.

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