Friday, 15 January 2016

Products To Help You Get Better Skin X Getting The Pixi Glow

UK Beauty blogger

UK Beauty blogger

UK Beauty blogger

UK Beauty blogger

UK Beauty blogger

UK Beauty blogger

Something that has probably been on all our minds since the beginning on the month is skin care! With less than six months until we start baring all, it's time to focus on our skin care routine and get that smooth, glowing skin we all crave. There's nothing I love more than spending my 'off' days with a bare face, but when my skin is acting up I feel like I need to cover it all up with make up, which essentially, just makes it worse. 

When I was a teenager I suffered bad acne, and luckily as I have got older, it seems to have improved. That said, I still am prone to break out when I eat unhealthily, am stressed or when it's that time of the month. So I like to take extra care with my skincare routine to try and maintain it throughout the year.

I've seen a lot of bloggers using Pixi products and have heard nothing but good reviews on them so I have been dying to try them out, and when they arrived on my door step I was so excited to try them out for myself I spent the entire day playing around with them all. And boy are they amazing. After the first use, my skin felt so soft and hydrated it's unreal. A few days in, and i'm already noticing the difference, my skin has (I hate to say it, but it really does) have the Pixi Glow!

As all Pixi products are natural, its perfect for any skin type whether it be sensitive, dry, oily or a combination of skin types. I myself have a dehydrated and oily combination skin so it's always hard finding products that leave my skin hydrated, but not looking greasy.

Another thing that stands out with the Pixi products is the smell. The majority of the beauty products smell like roses or have a hint of a floral scent and I simply can't get over how it's already left my skin feeling so soft and plump. I love it.

After cleansing and hydrating my skin, I wanted to try some of the Pixi make up products. I especially loved the blush pallet as it is super pigmented and comes in a range of different tones suitable for any skin tone. The mascara is also extremely lengthening, which is exactly what I need and love.

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Have you used any of Pixi's products before? How are you taking care of your skin this month?

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