Finding The Seasons Summer Dress

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Summer dresses. Love or hate them, they get the job done. Me? I love them. I find them super easy, lightweight and effortless. As I've said time and time again, if I could wear a dress 365 days a year without getting cold I would. 

Unfortunately, in the UK the weather is not as predictable, therefore I rarely get to wear such pretty summer dresses; non the less, I still do. And I am usually that girl wrapped in a shawl like scarf trying to keep warm. Guilty.

I am currently swooning over instagram posts of what seems like everyone I follow relaxing under the sun. and in my attempt of consoling myself, I decided to start my summer wardrobe despite the lack of sun. 

Why do I love summer dresses so much? Well for one reason, they are light, light for wearing and light for packing so you can pack a whole load AND still have space/ weight for shoes. Secondly, they are super easy to wear. All you have to think about is accessories and you're done. And finally, they make me feel like I'm a boho goddess and I can't deny the fact that I love that!

As the dress is quite busy I decided to keep the rest of the look really simple by teaming it with other blush tones with hardly any details. 

Are you a fan of summer dresses?



How To Nail The White Dress

Friday 12 May 2017

White dresses are something that a lot of ladies tend to shy away from. I don't know why. But myself included, I tend to only wear a white dress on a special occasions such as my birthday, graduation (if I ever get married). What is this social stigma that white makes you look fat. Is it that it draws a lot of attention to ourselves? Whatever it is, it's time to change.

As you all know, I like to do as I preach so I was on the hunt for the perfect white dress for spring/ summer. And I think you'll all love this piece just as much as I do! I've also got another blog post coming soon where I show you all how to style this piece differently.

When the core of your outfit is white, it's so easy to play with colours. You can go completely monochrome, or you can add some vibrant colours, pastels, or go completely neutral. The decision is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with. 

As I am currently obsessed with these red mules, I knew I had to team them with this dress. For me, teaming white with a bright colour is something I love to do. I can't wait to wear this dress all over spring summer as I have so many option on how to style it.



Wearing Navy And Green

Wednesday 10 May 2017

In my head, it's officially spring, and that means one thing only. It's time to start bracing the cold weather and wearing dresses. If you've been following my fashion journey you would know that I'm not a fan of tights, (working in retail for so many years and being forced to wear tights has put me off for life) therefore, I tend to wear a lot more trousers in winter. 

That said, I LOVE dresses. They are my favourite thing to wear as they are so effortless. One piece and you're done. No worrying about having to find a top that matches or vice versa. But, it's still not warm enough to bare legs, so that means the thigh highs are back out for another season! 

This Hallhuber dress is absolutely stunning. You may have got a quick glimpse at this dress at my daily vlog here. It's the cutest dress I have come across in a long time. The fact that it's not a floral print means I can wear it all the way through to autumn, and possibly even winter (IF I dare).

What really caught my eye was the neck detailing. It has this type of pussybow/tie section which is attached to the dress and clips around the back. It adds this androgynous feeling to the entire look which I love.

I teamed it with a Navy blue coat as I like the way it juxtaposed with the green and creams in the dress.

Sometimes it's hard to style trench coats but I've found a super cool guide on how to style a trench coat* and a bunch of gorgeous women's trench coats that will take you all through spring (and summer in London).

What do you think of this look? Would you wear something like this? 


Photography by Little Fish Collective


I Spent The Night In The Zoo

Monday 8 May 2017

Last week I slept in the zoo. And no, this was not one of those strange challenges where you sneak in and set up camp. It was totally legit and pretty cool.

ZSL London Zoo (as well as Whipsnade Zoo) have introduced lodges; Gir Lion Lodge, into their premises which allow animal enthusiasts to spend the night amongst the animals, (totally away from the animals, but the noises of the animals sure did wake me up at 6am).

The lodges are open Wednesday to Monday February to December. They are also child friendly and can accommodate up to two adults and two children.

With this, you are granted two day access to the Zoo as well as private after hours tours. We were taken on a total of three tours throughout our time at the Zoo. The first tour was a champagne reception where we visited a selection of animals and helped them with their enrichment. The Zoos try to encourage the animals to live like in the wild, so they are constantly thinking of different ways to help the animals use their instincts to forage for their food in different ways.

After the first tour, we headed to dinner where we were served a two course meal. Once dinner was over, we went back out in the dark to see some of the animals that were more active at night. This time with a flash light in hand as it was nighttime by now.

After dinner we headed to our own private lodge which had an ensuite as well as some amenities to make your stay that little more comfortable.

The next morning, breakfast was served at 8am where we were served a full english. Once breakfast was over we headed on to our last tour which was really fascinating. We got the chance to head behind the scenes and head into the animals kitchen. Here we could see how the Zoo stores and prepares food for the vast amount of animals. They rely on a lot of volunteers, so if this is something you' love to help out with please do make sure to check out how.

The overall experience of staying at the Zoo was a fun insightful evening. As someone who is a little scared of all animals it was great for me as we didn't get to feed the animals with our hands, but I know a few people would be disappointed that there was no hands on action.

If you'd like to experience this please visit the ZSL website for more information.

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