All Black Gingham

Tuesday 14 February 2017

With the days getting (slightly) warmer, on the odd occasion I leave the big winter coats at home and head out in my trusty leather jacket. One I have owned for longer than I can even remember!

With LFW literally around the corner I am getting super excited planning some outfits, and this is perfect for my Friday outfit. 

This season there's something super SUPER exciting happening, but you'll have to follow along on my Insta stories @teralatilan to find out what it is on Thursday night! So I'm getting all my outfits planned and ready in advance for what's set to be my most exciting season to date.

Regarding fashion week, I adore the street style. I love the way bloggers, fashion insiders and fashion enthusiasts take the street to showcase their favourite trends, combinations and styles. There's always so much energy and enthusiasm that I love.

I've put together one of my favourite looks of 2017 together. Whenever I struggle to find something to wear, I know that an all black outfit will bring me out of my rut, and it always looks so effortless and chic. By adding a gingham top I have added another dimension to the entire look. What do you all think of this outfit?


Photography by Layla Azarbyjani


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