Saturday 26 May 2018

At the beginning of May I headed on a trip that I had been super excited for. I was heading to Turkey for 6 days with a bunch of people I didn't know. Granted I stalked them all online before because let's be honest, who wouldn't!

And then the day came. Being Turkish Cypriot, understanding the Turkish culture, speaking the language and having visited a few of the places before I was super excited to be on a trip where I would be able to understand the locals.

In the four hour flight, myself and a few of the girls became acquainted and by the end of the flight we had created a bond that took us through the entire trip. That's the great thing about travelling. It's not just the location, but the people you meet along the way.

The first day was to be spent in Bodrum. I've visited Bodrum before, but mainly stayed in the resort. So I was excited to head out and see what the city had to offer. We spent the night in Royal Asarlik Beach. The hotel had two different pools and a beach on offer. One of the great thing about hotels in Turkey is that you get a great offer for an all inclusive break. 

The next two days were spent in Marmaris. Here we spent two nights each in a different hotel. The first night was spent in the luxurious Orka Lotus Beach. The second in Green Nature Diamond. Both equally luxurious, however I found Orka Lotus Beach to be a lot more relaxed, where as Green Nature had more of a younger vibe with music playing all day at the pool. It really depends what you are looking for.

Day four we travelled from Marmaris to Oludeniz. One of my favourite places in Turkey. I'd been to Oludeniz about five years before and fell in love, so I was so happy to travel back there again. But before we ended up in our hotel in Oludeniz, we had a jam packed day. Our first stop was the Lycian Tombs. These are situated in Dalyan and you can see them by boat. We also managed to spot some baby turtle while sailing around the lake.

We then headed to the Dalyan Mud baths to experience a mud and thermal water bath. This was great for our skin, but I couldn't handle to scent and had to be pulled out of the thermal water. Thinking back to that moment is making me want to heave again! The smell was vile!

We then headed to visit some of the founders of the wonderful Orka Hotels and went to see some of the Villas they have built. These villas are literal GOALS. With it's on hamam, hot tub and gym to name a few it's a home we can all aspire to have!

Our last night was spent in Orka Sunlife Oludeniz where we enjoyed a lovely meal together. The hotel is so big it has an outside lift to take you to your room.

The last morning it was actually raining until around 11am. This had us all worried for we had a busy day planned that involved a lot of outdoor activity. Luckily, the rain cleared and blue skies appeared allowing us to have a wonderful last day in Oludeniz. I finally managed to visit the Blue Lagoon and Turquoise beach. If you want clear white sand with blue seas, this is the place to go. It's breath taking.

We then headed on one of the Alesta yacht's. This was so much fun, we stopped off a few times and had the opportunity to head into the seas. Personally I love swimming and the sea so I went in for a little dip and with the heat I dried in around five minutes.

Our last meal was spent in Rixos Gocek. Here we had a delicious three course meal.

If you'd like to see my vlog I have attached it below. Have you ever been to Turkey before? Would you want to visit now?


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