Gillham Vineyard North Cyprus

Friday 6 July 2018

When it comes to travelling there’s so much to see in this world. But one place I find myself travelling back to year after year (sometimes twice a year) is North Cyprus. It’s my home away from home. My family were born there and a lot of them are still out there so there’s always something pulling me back to this small island I call home.

This June, I headed out to North Cyprus for a family engagement. While out there I had the opportunity to visit Gillham Vineyard in Ilgaz Kyrenia. The first of it’s kind in North Cyprus and only open for just over a month; the hotel stands out compared to the rest on the island.

Gillham Vineyard is in itself a vineyard that offers to bring a new lease of wine tasting to the island. With wine tours including tasting sessions the hotel looks at offering more than just another bottle of wine. They’re looking to bring more wine culture to the island and to educate those interested in wine further.

Alongside this over the next few months they are working to finish building the spa area that will offer a range of different wine treatments. Something I am intrigued about and will definitely be heading back to check out once it’s open.

The Hotel

Gillham Vineyard also hosts 60 people in their boutique hotel. The hotel is an adult’s only facility up in the mountains offering you the most peaceful of breaks you can imagine.

If you’re looking for an escape from everyday Gillham Vineyard is the perfect spot for you. You’re up in the mountains with a view of the Vineyard, the mountains and the sea.

Even if you’re not a huge drinker, there’s still a lot to do in Gillham Vineyard. There’s an outdoor pool with the most incredible view overlooking North Cyprus. There’s a chef restaurant that offers some of the most delicious local ingredients found in North Cyprus with a twist. This is fine dining at it’s finest in North Cyprus.

If you’re travelling to North Cyprus this year I recommend spending a few nights here for utter relaxation. If you’re not looking to stay here then make sure you take a wine tour and learn more about the wine they make and serve at Gillham Vineyard.

I’d never been wine tasting before and the staff at Gillham are so knowledgeable that they have shown me what to look for and how to truly taste wine for the best experience.

Have you ever been wine tasting before? Have you visited North Cyprus before?

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