Monday 16 July 2018

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Tel Aviv fashion week. Firstly, I've only ever attended London fashion week. And this year, I was a little over it all. I was fed up of seeing the same things over and over again and was looking for something new and exciting. That's excatly what Tel Aviv Fashion Week was. A breath of fresh air.

One of my goals this year was to say yes to things that scare me. On this trip I managed to conquer many things that scare me. First and foremost. Travelling alone. I've flown alone many times, but I am usually met at the other end by my mum to have a family holiday. So travelling to Tel Aviv alone and not knowing anyone on the other end was extremely petrifying for me. But, it was great! I got to spend the time on the plane working, and not knowing anyone else attending made me step out of my comfort zone and meet so many amazing people that I am lucky to say I have built a genuine friendship with.

Now to the main reason of travelling to Tel Aviv was for their fashion week. Something that has been running for seven years now. I didn't know what to expect from the country let alone the fashion scene out there.

For three days Tel Aviv was taken over by some of the most inspiring fashion I have ever seen. Taking place in an old Train station that has now been renovated into a complex filled with cute cafes, restaurants and boutiques, it was a hot spot this season.

When I think back to the shows, there's one thing that I remember with a huge fondness in my heart. That word is diversity. From the minute I arrived in Tel Aviv I was greeted by a range of different publishers from all over the world, to the models on the catwalk. All a range of different races, shapes and sizes. A true inspiration for other fashion weeks around the world.

My entire experience in Tel Aviv was a whirlwind. Between shows we were taken to dinners and trips to some of the most luxurious hotels the Tel Aviv has to offer. Having seen the best of fashion from Tel Aviv, their designers each created a different ambiance during each of their shows. However, there was one thing each show had in common. It was the excitement to be there, the excitement to show their designs and to represent their country.

Since coming back there's so many reasons I want to travel back. Fashion, food and history being one of the few reasons.

Before heading out to Tel Aviv I ordered a bespoke handbag from SolaMia. On the SolaMia website you can customise three different bags into anything you desire. I decided to go for an all black shopper style bag that would be great for all my travelling. You can customise straps, colour, interior, material and so much more. As each of the bags are individually designed, there are no exact same bags out there which is exactly why I love my new SolaMia handbag.

I would like to thank the team at Tel Aviv for giving this opportunity to me. I can not wait to come back to Tel Aviv one day.


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