How To Feel Like You're Blog Is Good Enough

Monday 24 October 2016

This look is something that I would typically be seen wearing to meetings and events in London. It's smart enough to look business, but casual enough to run around from location to location without having to look like a hot mess.

This top is EVERYTHING right now. It's frilly, it's red and it has flared sleeves! Love. 
My style has evolved slowly into something that I'm quite proud of. I've been able to stay true to myself, while embracing new trends and making them easily transferable to my style, and for all my lovely reader to be able to get some inspiration from the new looks I create.

I feel like the blogging industry has come under a lot of scrutiny lately, especially seeing as Vogue (online) themselves decided to start a full blown battle against bloggers, but I feel that still today, after more than ten years, blogging is such a great way to stay inspired and to push those behind the screens, whether it be the blogger, or the readers to try something new, I'm biased I know.

A quick search for London Bloggers on Google or even Instagram and you are over flooded with a tonne of different girls. All of different ages, different shapes and sizes, while all having a different style. Then there are the influencers, and a tone of oh so beautiful Instagram girls. So how do we stand out amiss the crowd? I constantly feel like I may not be doing my job well enough.

This is something that I have been struggling to deal with. How do I stand out when I am just this ordinary girl, writing on my laptop at home? Well, there is only ONE Teral Atilan. There is only one Turkish Cypriot, living in London, who is 24 years old who looks like me. I am original. And I am ordinary, and I think that's what (I hope) all my readers and followers like; the fact that I am so accessible. I've never died my hair, I've never had any surgery or fillers and even my nails are real. 

I've touched base on this point a few times here before, but as someone who believes you must love yourself for what and who you are, I can't seem to stress it enough. So in an over crowded space, I feel that standing out is down to being yourself, flaws and all.

Have you noticed a change in the blogging industry?



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