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Saturday 1 October 2016

This year I have been lucky enough to have been on a few holidays. As a blogger, woman and an over packer... I find myself constantly needing to make sure I have the best when it comes to travel luggage, and American Tourister sure is the best of the best. 

For short holidays or weekends aways I take a small cabin bag so I can carry all my essentials and have them all easily accessible. But for longer holidays I like to take a large suitcase and then again... the cabin bag. As this will now contain my laptop, cameras, lenses, chargers, tripods and all my other blogger equipment bits. When I am searching for luggage, I like to go for something that is durable, easy to manoeuvre (thank you 4 wheel suitcases) and secure while still looking stylish. 

Although it's extremely durable and hardwearing, it is also extremely light, meaning I still have a lot of weight left to stuff it with all the necessities... extra shoes.

You may have seen that I have used this suitcase when I went to stay at the Conrad (see here) and I also took it along to Santorini with me as I had so much to bring along with me (as always). 

I chose this beautiful turquoise one because when it comes to luggage I think the brighter the better. You can spot it off a mile away, and it's something you can stand out with. The inside has a wonderful bright orange lining, I feel it just makes it a little more fun, and holidays, they're pretty darn fun!



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