The Two Bras You Didn't Know You Needed

Thursday 18 February 2016

White Bra (*) | Black Bra (*)

Valentine's Day may be over but there's no reason not to treat yourself to some lingerie. Forget something that just looks sexy, i'm talking about bras that are sexy and practical from Boux Avenue and I'm giving you 20% off!

Hands up if you love wearing low cut tops or dresses. I know I do. But I've always struggled when it came to bras, either it's the wrong colour, it cuts to high around the cup, or they don't hold me properly, so I tend to usually take it off and go braless. My friend all know that this is something that I have been doing for years, and quite frankly, it does feel quite liberating, especially on a night out. But there's one thing that I don't like about going braless. I can only go braless with tight dresses. When it comes to looser tops and dresses, my breasts (*gasps* dare I say that on a blog) don't have the support I would like. 

If you ever find yourself in the predicament that I usually am, you need to get yourself one of these low plunge bras. They sit and fit exactly athe same as a regular bra, the only different is that is has a plunging U shape across the middle which is perfect for tops and dresses that are slightly lower cut than normal. This bra gives great support and to top it off, it also comes with an additional strap to covert into a low back. What a gem!

Now you may have seen me wearing this outfit here the other day. I teamed my shirt with this longline bra for something a little sexier than normal. I love lace bras, they're so classy and so comfortable, and this one is lightly boned helping your posture and also gives you a great shape. The whole underwear as outerwear trend is still going strong, so grab yourself a longline bra and shirt and you're ready to go. And with my 20% off code what are you waiting for? Use the code TERAL20 at checkout until 3rd April!

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