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Wednesday 10 February 2016

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The age old question. What defines smart casual? Whether you're going in for a first day at a new job, or out to a fancy restaurant. Whenever I see the words smart casual, I have a little panic of frustration. Does that mean jeans and a shirt? Can I wear trainers with my dress?I've never been a girl to rock a pair of smart trousers much, let alone teaming it with a shirt. Even when I worked in schools, I would opt for dresses, or trousers and a jumper. I feel like it's a lot easier for women to get away with smart wear than men. Now for them, smart casual is such a dilemma.

So I've still tried to make this look oh so FARSHUN by adding my own little spin to it. I've teamed a pair of pinstrip trousers with a lighter blue shirt, and kept it slightly open to have a hint of bralet on show. I feel this really softens the look and makes it less corporate. After all, fashion should be fun and comfortable.

You could add a pair of heels with this look and do an extra few buttons up making it perfect for the office, but I've kept it casual with my favourite EVER trainers (thanks bro). If you work in fashion, you can really get away with dressing like this, and that's something that I love. On another note, can spring/summer hurry up so I don't freeze while out shooting photos. Thank you!

What's your thoughts on this smart casual look?

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