What to Buy her for Valentine's Day #2 X O.W.L Watches

Wednesday 3 February 2016

I am so spoiling the guys that read my blog with helping them find the perfect gift for their ladies! This is my second instalment for Valentines gifts (read the first one here) and this time I've found you something a little more special. For me, receiving a watch can be really sentimental. It's something that you look at all day long, and what's better than giving the gift of time.  It's also a perfect gift for anyone at any stage of their relationship. 

As of late, I have a thing for watches (see this post here) but then again, being a blogger, I have a thing for everything to do with fashion. I'm trying to get a collection of all the watches I will ever need. Next on my list is a black leather strapped watch with silver hard wear. I haven't found one that I am in love with  yet, so if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Ladies, you drop those hints to your man as this is the perfect gift. Why is this O.W.L watch the perfect Valentine's gift you ask? Well, firstly, the watch comes in this gorgeous box which will make a great addition to any vanity, as well as the actual watch itself being BEAUTIFUL. I especially adore the brogue like strap. It helps add some character and also the rose gold hard wear is so stunning without being too in your face.

Ladies, what's your thoughts on receiving a watch for Valentine's Day, or as any gift for that matter?

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