Styling Pink and Grey

Friday 12 February 2016

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I reckon 2016 is the year of pink for me. I can't seem to get away from pastel tones of pink. I am literally obsessed. Growing up I tended to try and stay away from pink as I thought it made me look younger than I was, and I was always the girl that wanted to come across a lot more mature and older than I actually was. But now being 23 and all (is it too early to have a mid-life crisis) I find myself embracing pink a lot more. 

The day we went out to shoot this was extremely cold. So instead of putting a coat on like a normal person, I decided to be brave and brace the cold by just adding a hat which surprisingly, kept me a warmer than I thought. 

What I love about this outfit is that everything has that cosy feeling; from the hat, down to the skirt. I'm a big fan of neutral colours, and for me, it's not just your creams and whites, there's a whole ray of colours that I personally class as neutral. As long as it has a soft tone to it, I guess I class it as neutral as it can act as a base and you work your way around it.

I wore this jumper here on instagram with jeans and it looks fabulous against the indigo, while it'll also look great with white jeans.

How would you wear pink in a sophisticated way?

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