LFW Day Two

Sunday 21 February 2016

Day 2 of London Fashion Week was another crazy busy and exhausting one for me. Never in my life have I been as busy and tired, but it's so worth it!

My day started off at The Painting rooms for presentations and I made my way around central London attending various shows and Vidal Sassoon’s grooming lounge in between shows.

Dress | Scarf | Boots | Coat (*) | Belt | Bag (*) | Sunglasses (*)

My outfit was something super cute and elegant. I’ve fallen in love with neck scarves and can’t seem to get enough of them. Also can I say, my £29.99 heels from H&M have done me so good. After a 14hour day, my feet only started to hurt towards the end of the day.

I got to go and see the designer show rooms, something I’ve never done before, and I even got papped outside by all the paparazzi. As soon as one person starts taking your picture the rest all swarm around you. I looked like one of those “no pictures please” while walking people ha! If you do find any images of me anywhere do send them to me as I’d love to see what they look like.

Georgia Hardinge

The first stop of the day was at The Painting Rooms where I saw a beautiful collection fro Georgia Hardinge. The collection comprised of sleek cut silhouette with a trace of cobalt blue and deep pinks running through. Let's not forget the sleek braids. They're everywhere this season!

Gabriel Vielma

Mutted lips, a splash of paint of the eye lids and a beautiful yellow attire from Gabriel Vielma had me swooning over the collections minimalist look.


At the designer showroom I popped in to visit Havva and her stunning collection. I'm obsessed with those metalic heels.


I was extremely fortunate enough to also visit the showroom and pick out an outfit for a quick photo shoot for the following day (Day 3) from Heavy.

James Kelly

I didn't manage to stay at the James Kelly show for too long as there was such a long que, lots of people trying to have a look and I had a show to dash off to. But from what I saw, I loved the mixture of different textures. 

Judy Wu

These two pieces caught my eye. Absolutely stunning. I love the pattern on that skirt.

Minki Cheng

I am obsessed with the asymmetry from the Minki Cheng collection. The one sided knee high socks and the one sidded over sized hoop... where can I find some of those for myself! 

Omer Asim

One of my favourite collections has to be Omer Asim's pieces. You all know I love minimalism and monochrome so this collection was absolutely a dream come true for me, 

Fashion International

The final stop of the day was the Fashion international with six different designers and their colelction. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the best so I didn't mange to get any good shots of the collections, but I did manage to capture this gorgeous piece from Omer Mansoor.

How did you like the collections? Have you been to any shows this year? If you would like to see more from the shows make sure you follow me on Instagram and snapchat (teralatilan1).

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