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Friday 16 October 2015

Sometimes I feel like certain things such as accessories get lost in outfit posts, that's why it's nice to dedicate a post to them

I received this Urban Country bag last week and it hasn't come off my shoulders since. I'm the sort of girl who tends to chuck everything into the bottom of the largest bag she can find resulting in me making my boyfriend carry it because it's far too heavy, so I love coming across small across the body bags that only fit the essentials like my phone, purse and camera, keys, lipstick... you get the drift.

The quality of this bag is so great, it's so soft and has a cotton lining with non tarnishable metal hardware fittings. The bag although small, has various different compartments allowing easy access to those items that I'm usually left panicking 'I'VE LOST MY PHONE' when really, it's just dropped to the very bottom left corner. Panic over.

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