How To Do Halloween As A Mermaid

Monday 26 October 2015

AHH! I have purple eyebrows!

As Halloween slowly creeps up on us (see what I did there) I thought I'd take inspiration from my love (obsession) with mermaids this year and go all out with a mermaid inspired look.

I'm not usually one for dressing up, but I thought this was the cutest look I've ever seen and I just couldn't resist popping my new Triangl Bikini on.

There's always been this debate about Halloween. Do you dress scary, or girly? Or do you try to blend the two? I for one, am always more girly than scary.

An old sixth form friend of mine has been doing face painting for a while and and when she approached me with wanting to collaborate for Halloween, I already knew what I wanted; mermaid.

This look is something that can be done at home by yourself or you can give Tash an email to book an appointment . 

Everything on my face (except foundation and lipsticks and fake eyelashes) are all done using face paint, craft gems and eyelash glue. 

What's your thoughts on Halloween? Are you more girly or scary?

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