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Wednesday 14 October 2015

When it comes to jewellery I am the sort of girl that shys away from anything bold and statement pieces. I much prefer wearing simple silver rings or thin silver pendants. So when these cute Topaz Silver Red Crystal Earrings arrived on my door step from Hazel and Kent and EtailPr, I thought it would be a great change to incorporate some colour into my jewellery box.

These earrings are made of sterling silver with a red crystal geometric shaped stud. I adore studs, I always have. I always think of them as something extremely elegant, and ever since I was a school girl, they have been my staple pieces. 

While growing up, hardly any of my friends had their ears pierced and I always felt cool because I could always change my earrings (always studs as thats what I love and it was just easier because that was all we were allowed to wear at school). When I reached the terrible teens, with acne, I always felt that my stud earrings distracted from the spots on my face. My school was extremely strict. We were only allowed to wear gold studs, and NO MAKE UP what so ever, so being able to wear them helped me have a lot more confidence.

As these are sterling silver they are suitable to buy for yourself or even as a gift and they'll last a lot longer. Coming in under £10 I think I'll get one for every female I know for christmas. They are currently on a special price of £3.98 so grab a pair before they all go.

What do you think of earrings? Are you a fan or not? Let me know down below.

(subject to change, prices correct at time of post)

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