Jumping for Joy with Vestry

Friday 30 October 2015

As you can see, my love obsession with navy continues. I snapped this little beauty up from H&M a couple of weeks ago and I sure am wearing it oh so much. I know there's a rule against wearing black and navy, but rules are there to be broken (fashion rules, don't go breaking any laws and blaming me). So why not wear navy and black? I reckon it looks quite chic really. 

Look at this jumpsuit though. Isn't it gorgeous. For today's look I teamed up with Vestry and etailPr to show you how to glam up a jumpsuit. 

I love jumpsuits, they are so effortlessly glam and easy to wear, not to mention so easy to take you from day to night. Info was wearing this for day time, I'd simply switch my heels for a pair of loafers and voila, sorted.

The V neck detailing on this is something that is flattering to everyone's shape. Personally, I wore this with a black bra underneath, but if I was wearing it out out, I'd take the bra off and go all out with the tit tape! 

How do you feel about jumpsuits? Are they something you wear a lot of? 

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