Time For A Detox With Obsidian Juice Programme

Thursday 22 October 2015

A few weeks back I decided to try the Obsidian Juice programme. Before you start saying something, I didn't do it to loose weight, I decided I wanted to create a better eating lifestyle for myself, and I thought it would be great to kick start it with a juicing programme.

I have to admit, I'm fortunate enough to have never needed to go on a diet or work out in my life. Good genes I guess, but as I have started to get older, I've realised it is no longer acceptable to sit and eat a large stuffed crust pizza to myself (the shame). So when Obsidian Juice Programme wanted me to trial their juicing programme, I couldn't say no.

They arrived in a massive box, where the juices were pre frozen, so I popped them back into the freezer until the night before I was ready to start my programme.

I had opted in for the 3-day juicing programme, that meant that for three days, I would consume no food, nor drinks other than the juices and 3 litres of water (yep, you guessed it, I needed to pop to the loo a lot that weekend).

Day 1 was definitely the hardest, watching my family eat all this glorious food while I drink my juice was a little depressing, and I felt like I got a lot hungrier than normal, but once I started to drink my juice, I was satisfied. It's crazy how your body can survive without actually eating.

By day two and three everything felt normal, my hunger was not as strong as day one and I actually enjoyed the flavours of the juices.

I was on the beginners juicing programme and chose the one with the apple flavours as I prefer fruits to vegetables and I'm so glad I did. The juices honestly tasted amazing, and the obsidian juicing programme even gave me a meal plan, telling me which juice to have, in which order on what day which just made it so much easier.

Although I didn't go on the juicing programme to loose weight, I noticed that I did loose a lot of weight (probably water) so if you're looking to fit in a particular dress or something, this is the perfect programme, it also gives you so such energy as you're not feeling sluggish and bloated.

Have you ever tried any juicing programmes? What did you think of them? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

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