Cosmopolitan The Fragrance

Friday 23 October 2015

Something that should be on every girls list is the new fragrance by Cosmopolitan. How amazing is this? The go to magazine now has a scent for all those busy, hard working ladies.  

I'm a sucker for something that smells sweet and I can't get enough of this fragrance. It's perfect for anyone who loves that sweet girly scent that just oozes comfort with a hint of floral passion. Some sweet scents can be a bit sickly, but this has the right balance with jasmine and vanilla.

The Cosmopolitan fragrance launched exclusively to boots in September and is something every lady should have on their christmas wish list.

The bottle is a sophisticated multifaceted cut-glass design with a pink-and-orange glow that is perfect for sitting on your vanity table and would give any designer bottle a run for its money.

What's your favourite scent? Will this be on your next wish list?

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