How to feel good enough in the blogging industry

Monday 5 March 2018

This topic is something that has been eating at me for a very long time now, and I feel like it's time I just bite the bullet and hit the publish button.

I've written blog posts on how to feel like your blog is good enough and even how to be a confident blogger and how to stay motivated (check out my blogging series here) but I've never touched on the topic of feeling good enough yourself.

I am not your average UK blogger. I'm not. I'm a 25 year old, 5ft 9, size 8 Turkish Cypriot blogger who was born and lived in London her whole life. Don't get me wrong, there are so many girls with the same background as me. And there are many people with the same background as you. But, every single one of us has something different to share within the blogging industry and it's our job to find what that is and use our voices to project it to our audience.

I feel like my space is to show that someone who's family comes from a tiny island has a lot to offer. I never had a sister and that is one of the reasons I started a blog. I wanted to share my love for fashion, beauty and life with other girls who were never confident with their style choices. I wanted to be able to be an online sister for those who are struggling with something. And whenever I get a message from one of my followers thanking me for advice or telling me that I have inspired them to do something they never would have, that is when I feel like I have accomplished something. And that is when I know my place is solidified in the blogging industry.

It's so easy to feel like you're not good enough in a professional sense. We all have days where we feel like the work we produce is awful. We get down that our numbers are low, or that our photography and editing will never be on parr with a blogger who has a whole team behind them, shooting and editing their images. And to be honest. It may never be. But who wants to be the same anyway. We are all so unique and we all have a place in this industry, no matter what you look like, how many followers you have or how good your photos are. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here are my five tips to KNOW and FEEL that you are good enough for the blogging industry.

1) Your uniqueness makes you desirable. We can all feel like we merge into a bubble that is just another blogger. Sometimes we feel like we can't burst it, but everything about you makes you special, from your looks to your quirky little ways.

2) Play on your strengths. Whatever your strengths may be, take it and go. Blogging has become a predominately visual thing. If you don't want yourself to be the focus of your blog that's fine, maybe your written word is better, maybe your photography or editing is amazing. Use these strengths whatever they may be to push the boundaries.

3) Just remember that everyone has moments where they don't feel like they're work is good enough in this industry. And remember the person you're comparing yourself too is also comparing themselves to someone else. It's not just you who has these moments and someone out there is probably looking at the work you produce comparing themselves thinking they can never be as good as you. The reality is, no one really knows what they're doing in blogging and it's all trail and error. Finding things that work for you  and that make you happy is all that matters.

4) Focus on progressing yourself not reaching perfection. If you struggle with a certain aspect of blogging, say your writing, photography, style etc focus on ways to improve that area. With determination comes growth. If you're someone like me, who is always trying to improve themselves and their blog, you will know how easy it is to criticise your own work, and how hard it is for the word perfect to come out your mouth, I don't think I've ever produced anything and thought it was perfect. It's always been good enough. And I know that every time I work on something it gets better and better. As creatives, I think we struggle to find our own work perfect/goals. So by focusing on progress, in time you will notice that your growth is what counts more than any perfect work.

5) Don't let the approval of others get the better of you. Now, this can be from individuals, but more so I'm talking about that damn Instagram algorithm. We shouldn't determine whether we are good enough by a few likes or followers. If you're working as hard as you can and put all your energy and effort into something then you don't need any one else's approval. Just putting yourself out there on the internet is hard enough, you don't need to seek any one else's approval to realise your own worth.

My final food for thought is to remember that by doubting ourselves we strive for greatness. So remember you are good enough, and don't you forget it! We should find the positives in our need for bettering ourselves and learn to love our uniqueness.


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