How To Stay Motivated As a Blogger

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Blogging can be hard. There. I said it. Not the actual blogging itself. But the mental strain, the competition and the million other things you have to do before (and after) you hit the publish button.

I'm assuming that most people reading this is a blogger, who needs to find motivation while blogging. So I know I'm not alone. I for one go in and out of motivation when it comes to my blog. And I know I am not the only one so I decided to round up five of the best tips I've found that make me motivated again and again. 

Make blogger friends

This is probably one of my biggest motivators. I've said this many times, but it wasn't until a year ago that I found blog friends, and it changed the way I blog and the way I see blogging. It has really helped me. No longer do I sit all alone worried about blog things, I just give my blog friends a call and I'm met with the, OMG- same. ALL THE TIME. 

It's great to have friends that can help motivate and inspire each other. I have a group chat with 2 of my friends, and whenever one of us is having a little moment we help slap each other out of it. I think knowing that you are not the only one going through something is so important.

Take a little break

Sometimes we all go through ruts. I don't think I've ever met a blogger who hasn't felt a little overwhelmed, unmotivated and stressed at one point during their blogging career. It's so normal. And it's fine to take sometime away from the blog, time away from Instagram and all social media. I find that taking the odd weekend off really helps me get excited for Monday to come back around.

Find a different location to do your writing

I am 100% a procrastinator. I started writing this blog post at 10.30am. And it's now 00:52. Instead of sitting down for a good hour or so straight to get this all done, I have had something to eat (many times) made endless cups of mint tea, binge watching youtube videos. All from the comfort of my bed. 

Oh, don't forget that nap I had at around 3pm. I don't recommend working at home on your bed. Make sure you have your own little office, or a desk where you can sit and write, edit all you want!

Or, If like me, you get easily distracted; grab your laptop, and head to your local coffee shop (make sure it has wifi) and order yourself a nice latte and a snack and get going. You are more likely to get more done because you know you can't sit in a coffee shop for hours binging over netflix and youtube!

Search for inspiration online and outside

I find that when I don't feel inspired I loose motivation. As blogging is quite a lonely job, if you wanted you could get away with never seeing anyone and being in your own little bubble, but don't just don't. Sometimes I constantly look online and although the internet is full of SO MUCH inspiration, sometimes it can all be a bit too similar, maybe I'm not looking in the right areas I don't know. But as soon as I head outside especially around central London, looking at my friends and family, I find inspiration all over again and feel motivated to get back on the blog.

Switch it up

If you constantly post the same kind of content you can find yourself getting a little bored of the samey same content. I find that when I switch it up I tend to find new inspiration and motivate myself more. I am predominately a fashion blogger, but I dabble in beauty and lifestyle to keep my mind and creativity fresh and constantly working on new things. 

Some people post just photos and other write long pieces, if you find that you're not feeling motivated, try changing your format, add a new type of content but still along the lines of your main niche- (if you blog about technology and suddenly start blogging about fashion it's not going to work).

I find that mixing the lengths of my blog posts, and having a range of different type of beauty and lifestyle posts on a roll really helps me stay motivated. I also have a range of different blog topics covered here.

What helps you stay motivated? Have any of these tips helped you? Or do you have your own little tricks. Feel free to share them down below.



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