Hotel Barcelo Torre De Madrid X 48 Hours In Madrid

Saturday 10 March 2018

If you’ve been following my blog for the last year or so you will know that one of my favourite things to do is travel. Whether it be a city break or a two week island break I’m up for it. Just no backpacking. Please. I don’t think I’m quite cut out for that. Not any time soon anyway.

When I travel I like to stay in luxurious hotels. Travelling in itself is quite a stressful process so I like to reward myself with a beautiful hotel. I spent the first part of this week in Madrid staying at Barcelo Torre De Madrid. This hotel is situated right in the centre of Madrid. It’s a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle from the streets below.

Barcelo Torre De Madrid has to be one of the more stylish hotels I’ve ever stayed in. It has such a cool relaxed Scandinavian vibe with different furniture placed strategically next to the coolest lamps and beautifully painted walls I’ve ever seen.


The interior for this hotel is a millenianals dream come true. From the entrance to the hallways and the bedrooms, every part of this hotel has been thought out and individually the items might not sound like a good idea, but once placed together they create such a powerful look. Each pastel and vibrant coloured piece compliments the next creating a very relaxed ambiance.

Some of my favourite things about the hotel has to be the interior and the large floor to ceiling windows found all around the lobby area. This area is such a beautiful space for those days where you want to get out of your room, but can’t be bothered to leave the hotel. It’s the perfect space to grab a laptop and do some work which is exactly what we got up to while out there.


Having a hotel in the centre of Madrid meant that we were in walking destination to all of the hotspots including the Palace. We went on a walking tour where we got to see all the touristic spots including the world’s first restaurant which was built in 1725.  As well as this, the hotel is a few minutes walk to any shops including my favourite, Zara. I just can’t go to Spain and not visit Zara. It’s not possible as they would say.


The view from our twin deluxe room was incredible. There is a large window, which makes the room feel so light and open. The views from the room are incredible. The Madrid equivalent to Oxford Street is just down the road and you can see this from the room. Initially, this made me anxious as I thought we’d struggle to get to sleep with all the street noise. However, we soon realised the room was silent. Absolutely blissful.

I also had one of my best sleeps in this hotel. The beds were extremely` comfortable and


The hotel has it’s own restaurant called Samos. Here they serve a small Spanish menu with few few options. That said, there is something foreveryone.

If I ever get the chance to visit Madrid again, I will definitely be visiting Barcelo Torre de Madrid, even if it is to sit in the bar or lobby area.


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