St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan

Thursday 20 August 2015

If you've been following my blog for a while now you would have noticed that the only tanning products that I use are gradual tanners (here's my post on St Tropez Gradual Tan)  and only in the summer months. Well, St Tropez have come out with their best product yet. A shower gradual tanner. 

I always love trying new products and I was so excited to try this. It definitely surpassed my expectations as the results I was left with were amazing.

What you need to do
 Firstly have your normal shower/ bath, exfoliate and clean your body. Then while your body is still wet grab some tanning lotion and massage it into your skin, and wait for three minutes. I usually start from my legs and work my way up and do my feet and hands last. After a quick rinse of my palms I put in a leave in conditioner and brush my teeth. 

Finally simply wash off with warm water and let yourself air dry/ pat yourself dry; you don't want to ruin your tan by rubbing it off.

After just one use you can notice the difference, your skin is left with a radiant glow and leaves skin feeling soft. Personally this is my new favourite gradual tanner. Perfect for a quick fix or something in the long run to keep your tan topped up in the next few months.

How do you feel about gradual tanning products? Will you be rushing to buy yours?

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