Psyche Sale's Secret Extra Discount

Sunday 2 August 2015

When I heard that Psyche; Vogues Top 100 shops in Britain wanted to work with me I was so excited. We've teamed together to get my lovely readers an extra 10% off of all their sale items. 
What's the catch? There is none. Simply click on this link here using your phone or tablet ONLY (will not work on computers) and the discount code will pop up. Fancy stuff.

A little History
In 1984 the first Psyche boutique was born. Managing Director Steve Cochrane decided to do something unseen in the North East of England and brough designer brands such as Helmut Lang, Gucci and Prada to a cliental who loved it. Shortly after a second store opened up and Psyche has been expanding ever since.

I have attached a few of my favourite products and brands. Don't forget, you can only get the extra 10% off when you're using your phone or any type of tablet, this way there's no excuse, you can shop on the go.

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