Canvas Bar Cocktail Making Class

Sunday 9 August 2015

This weekend a bunch of my friends and I went to Canvas Bar in Shoreditch for a cocktail masterclass by the very talented (and lovely) Nicole. I've been wanting to write a lot more lifestyle posts lately so I thought this would be the perfect thing to blog about.

I love a good cocktail, they look so pretty and they taste divine. It's like the adult version of a fruit slushie. 

Upon arrival Nicole quickly whipped up the most amazing mermaid shots I have ever seen or tasted and to top it off they came in the cutest little mason jars, you all know how much I love anything that comes in mason jars.

After quickly deciding that we wanted to make Pornstar Martini's the birthday girl and I jumped behind the bar and had Nicole expertly show us step by step how to make the delicious drink.

If you've got all the ingredients around (and know what to do) it's quite simple to make, it just takes a lot of upper arm strength (something I lack).

Nicole taught us everything she knows about Pornstar Martini's, she showed us how to make them look so desirable, and how to even set fire to our passionfruit shells. 

The other two made the It's Smokin Baby cocktail, an extremely difficult cocktail and personally and acquired taste but they were expertly shown how to smoke a glass as well as crack the egg and shake shake shake.

I've been to cocktail making classes before but I definitely feel like I walked away this time knowing more about working behind the bar, how to shake it and how to fix a cocktail if it goes a little wrong.

I would definitely recommend this bar for anyone who would like to learn some basic cocktail making skills, or simply for a night out.

What's your favourite cocktail? Have you ever been to a cocktail making class before?

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