Five Top Apps For Editing Photos For Instagram

Sunday 16 August 2015

Lately I've been getting asked a lot  on Instagram how I edit my images, (if you're not following yet come and say Hi here) so I thought it was time to do a quick post for you all.

Instasize - I use this to get those image within an image. You have the choice of faded or normal background by simply selecting the same image. You can download it here.

Facetune - This is the holy grail of apps. Everyone needs a little help from time to time and I know you will love this one. You can literally do anything in this app. From hide blemishes to fix that kink in your hair. You can download it here.

Snapseed - Perfect for product and food shots as you can select a certain area and brighten it. You can download it here.

VSCOcam -With so many filters and the option to see what they all look like next to each other you'll be silly to miss out on this one. My favourite filter has to be C1 (+3). You can download it here.

PicFrame - When you want to add a white border or have more than one image and reflect them this is my go to app. It was probably one of the first apps I ever downloaded to use for Instagram and still use it today. You can download it here.

What's your favourite apps to edit your photos? Do you use any of the above?

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