Styling Cute Grandma Cardigans

Monday 30 September 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion blog post, but I feel like the time is right to get back into it.

This season’s trend is all about the iddy bitty cardigans. Those cardigans that a year ago we would of said our grandmas would wear them. But now, all the fashion girls are wearing them and in an unconvential way. With only one of two buttons done up.

Now, I’m a little larger on the chest area so I wanted to try these out and have found and styled my favourite cardigan for you all. I have also attached a video of my trying about 15 different ones from Asos, so sit back and have a little look as I try to pull these cardigans off.

For me, I really loved the style as soon as I saw it. Although I’m not quite sure about wearing it as open as some people there are many different ways to wear it.

Firstly, you can style it as your grandma would; doing only the top button up and wearing a vest top underneath. This is a very practical and versatile way of wearing it. You could wear it with smart trousers, or a satin skirt for the office, or with jeans for the weekend.

This is possibly the easiest way for ladies with a larger chest to buy into this trend. You don’t have to worry about the material peeping open from each button, nor them bursting open. This way you can go for your size or even a size smaller.

Secondly, which is my favourite way to wear it. Get it one size larger you’re your normal size and have the top and bottom buttons undone. As shown in the pictures you can see just how this hones into the trend.

Lastly, you can wear it with all the buttons done up. Again, I recommend going up a size as it’ll feel safer and secure that way.

I have also tagged all of my favourite pieces below. How would you style them?



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