Stop Worrying About Your Future

Thursday 26 September 2019

Turning 27 has probably been the hardest for me. Every year I usually love birthdays, I start planning things to do, what I want, what to wear at least a month ahead of time. But this year, I kind of wanted to shrug it all under the carpet.

There’s something so wonderful about getting older. With age comes respect, knowledge and wisdom. I also feel extremely grateful to wake up each birthday another year older knowing that I am healthy and lucky enough to have made it through another year.

But. A huge BUT. It can also be one of the most daunting days of your life. I feel like Rachel in Friends on her 30th birthday. Feeling sad and sorry for herself that her life isn’t where she planned it to be when she turned 30. And although I haven’t turned 30 yet, I can feel the pressure that comes with it creeping up behind me.

And I don’t know why we set ourselves these targets in life. Why we think that 30 is the time we have to have achieved it all. It creates this unofficial tight timeline that everything has to be done by, and if we don’t achieve everything we dream of by that time we have somehow failed ourselves.

Even if we did achieve everything by 30, then what? Are we going to retire and move to Spain and relax on the beach for the next 50 odd years? No! So why do we create this sort of pressure for ourselves? Why does 30 act as a deadline in which we really need to have got our shit together?

So many successful people (and successful means something different to everyone) achieved their success after 30/40 or even 50. We need to stop adding pressure to ourselves. I believe it’s great to have a plan in life, and all the things I want to achieve by 30 are things that I know I will achieve, just maybe not by 30. And that’s ok. It’s ok to not be on the property ladder by 30, it’s ok to not be married or have kids, or have that dream job by 30. 30 is not the be all end all.

After three months of being 27, I have come to be content with my plans. I have realised that I do not need to worry about achieving everything in the next three years because life doesn’t stop at 30.



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