Hello September, I'ts Time For A Change

Sunday 22 September 2019

It’s been about a year that I haven’t really been enjoying my platforms. I haven’t enjoyed blogging, being on Instagram nor have I enjoyed creating content for video on Youtube. Truth be told, I’m not sure that there’s one reason as to why, but a many small issues that have resulted in this huge slump.

I’ve noticed that for the last year I have merely been going through the motions, uploading just to upload, not really striving for greatness and it’s not a great area to be in. Because I haven’t been putting in as much effort as I used to brand collabs have reached an all time low on my channel and there’s no one to blame but myself.

I simply haven’t been enjoying the content I’ve been putting out there. I felt like one of a million instead of one in a million in this industry and lack of effort and motivation has left me really struggling to stay positive and find things that make me feel excited.

And because of this, I’ve been comparing every aspect of my life to others which we all know isn’t great. So from today onwards I am looking to change my content. Finding something that makes me really happy, engage more with you all via stories and create a really positive happy space online that I can call my own once again.

If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that I’ve been posting more on my stories about food (I always have and always will be a massive foodie) but more on the cooking and baking side of it all. I’ve really been enjoying sharing that and you are all loving my recipes so far. This doesn’t mean that I will suddenly become a cooking channel; I am just enjoying this part a lot more right now. I will always be more fashion focused, but will continue to share cooking tips on stories for you all.

So with it being September, a new school year, and Autumn a time for all the trees to shed the extra weight they’ve been carrying on their shoulders, and start a new, it’s time for me to do the same. Time to get up, re-inspire myself and fall back in love with creating content.


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