Top Five Things To Do In Vienna

Sunday 2 April 2017

Visit Schönbrunn Palace
If you're a fan of Royal history, architecture or wish you was a princess (like me) then you will adore the Schönbrunn Palace. It has everything from a beautiful garden to a table set for a King and his family. The history of the palace and its enormous gardens spans over 300 years, reflecting the changing tastes, interests of the Habsburg monarchs.

Desert at Cafe Central
Those who want to experience traditions Viennese deserts must head to Cafe Central. They cafe has been open since 1876. It soon became a key location for intellectuals such as Sigmund Freud and Leon Trotsky. Alongside the long list of historical members who have dined at the cafe, the deserts are truly divine.

Drinks at Sofitel

Sofitel is a little more expensive than anything else on the list, but it's so worth it for the view alone. We headed there for dinner. The food is extremely delicious, but portions are small and generally quite expensive. I would say it's better to head here for drinks as you still get the view. Head there for sunset as you get to see the view in daylight and at night. There's such a vast amount of modern and classic architecture, that you'll wan to see it in both light.

Albertina for history and Art

Art fans will adore Albertina. There's a great mix of modern and notable pieces. It was incredible to finally see some of the art pieces that I spent my childhood imitating during my at classes. The likes of Picasso, Paul Signac and Alfred Sisley. Alongside the vast amount of art, there is also remnants of the Duke Albert of Saxen-Teschen who used Albertina as his residence andVienna under one roof.

Walk the streets to find hidden gems and see beautiful architecture

This is possibly my favourite thing to do when I go away. There's something special about walking around and getting lost in a city you don't know. Vienna is so architecturally beautiful that walking down a random street means you will find so much history and many many magnificent buildings. As long as you have a phone with data on it, you never will be truly lost. So go explore the city for yourself.

Have you ever been to Vienna? What were your top five things to do there?

Also, check out my Vienna Vlog below


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