How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe

Monday 24 April 2017

One thing I've mentioned time and time again on this blog is that when it comes to keeping a timeless wardrobe there are a few essential things you must remember.

Firstly, monochrome is the perfect starting point. It's a great start to creating a capsule wardrobe. For me, I prefer going dark on the bottom and light on the top. With a pair of classic black trousers, may they be jeans, culottes or a skirt, teaming it with a white top elevates and creates such an elegant look.

Secondly, finding classic shapes, skinny trousers, a peplum shirt is something that is timeless and can be worn over and over again. 

For me, I find this outfit something that I can wear all year round. By simply adding a blazer on top and switching my sandals to boots, I've got a smart classic look that will stay classic season after season. 

What's your go to classic look? Do you also find that monochrome is a perfect start?



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