Taking Back My Style

Thursday 30 March 2017

Over the last year and a half I would say that I haven't been completely 100% true to myself and my style.

Now being someone who earns a living from her style, it's a bit hold of me to come out with a statement like that. This post is going to be a bit rambly, but keep reading. I have a point. Promise.

Growing up, I wore dresses. Come rain or snow, you'd find me wearing dresses. I didn't own a pair of trousers. Not because of my mum, but because I would throw a tantrum if she ever tried to dress me in anything but a dress or skirt. I was always extra. I had to have a little bag and shoes that matched.

Moving into my teenage years, I still had this style, although I would occasionally don a pair of jeans (jeans for genes day). But still I preferred dresses. I was never easily influenced by what the girls around me wore. I was always the one who went the extra mile. I always looked pristine and I dressed a lot more sophisticated than my age. 

Throughout university, slowly my style incorporated more trousers, I would easily rock up to lectures in a pair of tailored trousers and some heeled ankle boots paired with a vest top (my attempt to tone it down a little). This is also the time that I re-started my blog and set myself the 100 day challenge where by I would take a photograph of what I wore for 100 days straight and upload to my blog daily. When going out for dinner with my friends they would always say, we have to dress up otherwise we will look like tramps next to Teral.

After university, I started working in schools then I worked for a few different jewellery brands doing their blogging and social media and attempting to focus on my blog more. Again, my style was relatively the same, only difference was instead of dresses every day, I was wearing a lot more jeans. My style had changed into more of a casual, practical but still girly look.

Come blogging full time. I feel like this is where my style has changed the most and where I feel I have lost my own unique style. I know my job is all about what I wear but sometimes I feel like I have been following a trend that has been set by other bloggers and that I have lost my true style that made me me.

There have been so many different trends that we've seen come and go, and I've always tried to make something work for me, I've tried to style it differently to the million other bloggers out there. But I'm just a little bored of seeing the same thing done again and again.

Going forward, I've decided that I need to head back to the beginning of my blog (please don't do this as my photos were absolutely dreadful back then) and get inspiration from my younger self, who had a more sophisticated look. Who owned wearing heeled boots to university, and who always went that little bit further to look different to everyone around her.

I feel like with Instagram and other social networks it's so easy to get caught up in all the fad trends. And I still will incorporate new trends into my style and still wear jeans and trousers, but I will do so in a way that I feel represents the true identity of This Is Teral. Don't worry, I'm not going to be running around in suits all day long, I'm just going to add a little more sophistication to my looks.

How do you feel about the whole trend led focus a majority of bloggers have been swept up in? If you've been following me for a long time, what would you like to see again?



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