Getting The Perfect Tan With Bondi Sands

Monday 6 March 2017

Over the last few months I have been loving fake tanning. For years I was never into it. I had seen far too many orange bodies and fake tan disasters that I never saw the point of it. That was all until I was introduced to Bondi Sands. Gone are the days of dodgy tans, there's no streaky tans in sight for me.

Bondi Sands is an Australian brand but you can find it here in England (YAY) in Boots and Superdrugs. They have a full range of different type of self tanner's from everyday gradual to mouse's and even a liquid gold.

I've tried them all. And my favourite has got to be their new range the ultra dark. I'm the sort of person who doesn't want a light glow. I want to be bronzed. I ran fairly easily and want my fake tan to look like I have just come back from holiday and that's exactly what I get from the ultra dark range. 

A few weeks back posted a picture on my Instagram about my love for the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark and the next day met up with a few friends who were stunned by the results of my tan.

The first time I tried the Liquid Gold Oil  tan was a bit strange for me. As I was quite new to tanning, all products I had used before would leave an immediate colour so that's what I was looking for. But when I sprayed they liquid gold I couldn't see any results and kept reapplying. Suddenly, a few hours later I noticed that I had this absolutely stunning dark bronzed colour. And to my surprise NO STREAKS! 

I now know that I don't need to apply as many layers of the Liquid Gold to get my desired look.

If you're not running out to buy it yet I'm sure this next part will. I absolutely LOVE the scent of all the Bondi Sands products. They don't have any biscuit smell or any chemical smell. They simply smell of our coconuts! So fresh and tropical. 

Another thing I have noticed is that I tanned about 3 weeks before I started writing this blog post. Although the tan has faded on my arms, my legs are still going strong with no patches in sight. All in all this product deserves 5*s as I just can not fault it.

Do you enjoy using fake tan? Have you found a product you love as much as I love this one? 

This is a sponsored post (*)


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