NuSkin Mascara

Tuesday 12 April 2016

When it comes to mascaras I'm a huge fan on these bristle wands. For me, I feel like they're the perfect wands for layering, and great for everyday when you don't want to apply too much. Essentially, they're one of the easier brushes to use, without leaving your eyelashes feeling clumpy and heavy.

Recently I've been using the Nu Colour Curling Mascara in Black and I haven't used anything else since it's arrival. It's great when you find a mascara that does what it says on the box. Curling mascara. How many times have we been fooled into buying mascaras that promise false lash effects, only to be left disapointed and if you're like me, heart broken. 

What I love most about this mascara in particular is the slight curved shape to the want. This makes it perfect for the top and bottom lashes. Never have my bottom lashes been so long and defined. 

Another point I must mention is the fact that the mascara doesn't run or smudge down my face and is really easy to remove after being on all day long.

Which is your favourite type of wand?


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