Magnitone Barefaced Facial Cleanser

Friday 29 April 2016

With summer around the corner, I've really been working on getting my skin looking flawless without any make up. At the beginning of the year I focused on using the Pixi Beauty products but I feel like my skin tends to get used to products if I use them too often and stop working. So this month, I'm trying out the Magnitone Barefaced and being a part of their Spring Clean-ing challenge; get clear skin in 30 days.

I've tried many deep cleansing brushes before, from high end to super cheap, but I never got round to trying Magnitone. It's the perfect cleanser if you want that in between price. For £70, it's got the premium feel but a quarter of the price.

The Magnitone is so light that it makes the perfect travel companion and has one of the softest brushes I've ever felt. Because it's so soft, you can use it daily without feeling like your doing any long term damage.

The Magnitone has two different pulsing settings. Depending on how deep you want your cleanse to be you can constantly switch it up. My favourite feature is the fact that the brush works for 60 seconds and beeps every 20 seconds to let you know when to move on to the next section of the face making it super easy to get an even clean all over.

How do you get your skin ready for barefaced season?


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