Guess Connect Smart Watch

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Guess Smart Watch (*)

I had the pleasure of sampling the amazing Guess Connect Smartwatch. 
The stunning watches allow you to place and receive notifications, calls and texts, all from your wrist. This is all far too much technology for me to handle. I was literally blown away!

There are so many different features that I can talk about, but my favourite has got to be the find your phone feature, as I'm the sort of person who is constantly loosing my phone, so having something attached to my wrist, that finds my phone is so handy!

Along with the many many cool features, the watch actually looks stunning! I adore the silicone straps as they're super comfortable and easy to keep clean. The case colour is rose gold which is oh so fab on a watch. It also comes in black and gold that is just as fab.

Ok, let me stop talking and just stare at how pretty it is!

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