What To Buy For Her For Christmas X Make Up Brushes

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Still struggling to find something for your sister, friend, cousin or girlfriend! With only just about two days of shopping left, you're cutting it fine. But I've got the perfect answer for you. Make up brushes.

Now every girl loves make up, and they love pretty pretty colours (generally anyway) so the spectrum brushes will be the perfect gift for your loved one.

Make up brushes are something that most girls don't get round to buying. First, they can be complicated to a novice. With so many brushes, and so many different uses, one can get a little confused by the vast amount and not know which one is ideal for them. Secondly, brushes tend to be a little more expensive and is ideal for a gift as it's something they want/need and wouldn't be able to purchase themselves.

I had been lusting over these brushes for months, and it wasn't until I was at the Clothes Show at the beginning of the month that I finally got my hands on them. They've changed my life! They're some of the softest synthetic brushes I have ever come across, and they're just so damn pretty. I can't deny I'm a sucker for pretty colours. 

Here are a few of my favourite brushes that you can grab before it's too late.

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