How To: Make Shoes More Comfortable

Thursday 16 May 2013

As you should know I have been working in Russell and Bromley for nearly five years now. It's only part time but over the holidays I do overtime and it has literally helped me be the person I am and more importantly has helped me have an amazing shoe wardrobe.

So with the skills I have aquired over the last five years I thought I'd write a post about how to make the most uncomfortable shoes feel like slippers.

Well it starts with purchasing your shoes. Whether they be a pair of flats, heels or trainers make sure they fit properly. If the shoe is too small or too big it will end up ripping your feet apart. If they're too tight you risk remoulding the shape of your feet and if they're too big they end up slipping off and causing unruly blisters!

Heres my top ten tips.

1-Make sure that your shoes are leather lined. You can find inexpensive leather shoes on the high street. Shoes with leather lining means that the shoe will mould to the shape of your foot, making them extra comfortable.

2-With any soft leather flat shoe such as driving shoes/ loafers make sure that your toes reach the end as you do not want the front chaffing upwards. Nobody wants aladin shoes.

3-Now with harder leathers bearing in mind loafers, brouges or any other sort of flat leathered shoe make sure that there is a little room in the shoes. Beware of any toes being squashed. Although leather does stretch you do not want the shoe to completely change shape.

4-Suede shoes will stretch no matter what. They are the softest type of leather and if you buy suede shoes larger than you need them to be you will never be able to walk in them. Make sure they are a little tight in the shop.

5-Patent leather is a lot trickier. It too will stretch however it does take a lot longer than suede and leather. Make sure you have enough room to wiggle your toes around a little.

6-Heels. Try them on with whatever you are planning on wearing them with. If you are a tights girl try them on with tights. If you enjoy baring your legs make sure you try them on with no pop socks. As the tights make the shoes seem a lot larger.

7-Boots. With my boots I always go for the same size, but I make sure there's a bit of space so I can always add extra socks of it does get really cold.

Now once you've bought them but they just don't feel comfortable.

8-First thing I would do is wear my new shoes in. By that I mean I chuck on some really thick socks and walk around the house in them helping the stretching process. Some people like to use leather stretcher but I have never seen any of these work. For best results there are shoe stretchers that you place in the shoe and you twist these to the desired amount and leave them for atleast 24 hours.

9-If the ball of your foot is hurting: why not purchase some gel cushions to go on the inside of your shoe. The added cushioning gives you comfort and gives a little bounce on the sole of your feet.

10-If you find you have a skinny ankle and shoes are constantly slippin off you should get some heel grips. This too is a gel cushioning which adds padding and stops the shoes from slipping and gaping.

I hope this helps you all and be sure to let me know if you have any tips you use to make your shoes comfortable. Let me know if you want more posts like this.

Lots of Love 




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